2015 IT Workforce Management Trends

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2015 IT Workforce Management Trends


What are the trends that will affect IT workforce hiring and management throughout 2015 and beyond? We have listed seven of our 2015 IT workforce management trends below:

  • Regulatory Consequences – Changes to minimum-wage laws and the biggest provisions of the Affordable Care Act will begin to affect employers in 2015. This will create new compliance burdens for companies of all sizes.
  • Employee Appreciation – Companies are increasingly viewing employees – particularly lower-level employees – as assets, rather than cost centers. That will lead to increased investment in employee engagement, and more employment stability generally.
  • Baby Boomer Retirement – Waves of baby boomer retirements are starting to have a demographic impact on the IT workforce. Gen X professionals will increasingly move into executive-level positions, and millennials will begin to enter the ranks of management. Companies will also begin to invest more in employee retention and knowledge transfer programs to avoid widening the skills gap.
  • Analytic Emphasis – After years of causing more problems than solutions, big data is finally reaching maturity and becoming relevant as an analytic tool. That will increase demand for big data professionals, while simultaneously shaking up IT workflows as they evolve based on analytic insights.
  • Consumer Electronics – Corporate IT increasingly follows the lead of consumer electronics, especially as social media and BYOD have become standard features of business. This trend will continue as business technologies mimic the look and feel of the tech that people use at home. Look for gamification and wearable technologies to play a big role moving forward.
  • IT and Marketing – These two departments are no longer seen as discreet. Marketing professionals now rely heavily on insights that come out of IT teams to help them refine their strategy and messaging. This will lead to new opportunities for IT professionals who possess hard IT skills paired with soft skills like creative talent and a strong ability to communicate.
  • Hiring Boom – The IT hiring boom will continue unabated through 2015. Industries like healthcare, manufacturing, and finance are all expected to add significant numbers of new staff and to create more senior-level IT positions. Other industries like legal that have historically been IT averse, will also recruit aggressively as they try to integrate more technology.

How will these trends affect your career? Regardless of whether they’ll make things easier or harder, you need to be prepared and work diligently to stay ahead of the curve. Find the resources and guidance you need to succeed by working with the team at TekPartners.

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