How is Automation Impacting IT?

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Automation and IT

As the impact of automation continues to receive increasing attention in the media, many tech experts have begun to examine the effect of automation on the way work is done in many industries. If you’re a tech professional, you may be concerned about how breakthroughs in artificial intelligence that involve advanced automation could threaten your job and future career growth.

As manual labor is gradually replaced by automation, here are some aspects of the workplace that will be affected:


Improved technology, increased output and reduced costs are all benefits of automation on the workforce. Tech professionals will be able to work faster and more efficiently with the growth of improved technologies in energy, transportation, communication and logistics. As described in this article in The Economist, automation of certain tasks so they can be done more quickly or cheaply directly increases the demand of human workers to fulfill other tasks that have not yet been automated.

New jobs        

While technology advances start to automate routine jobs, new jobs are created in the process. For example, the evolution of computers created an entire industry over the last 15 years in which the workforce in the U.S. grew from 150 million in 2000 to 160 million in 2014. Though computers replaced certain types of work, the computer industry created a major demand for software developers and computer engineers, ultimately creating thousands of new jobs.


Despite concerns that automation will replace labor, technological advancements in society have proved to displace routine work into highly skilled labor. As a result, technology allows workers to generate and produce an increased amount of goods and services, therefore creating higher wages and living standards among the middle class.

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