Customer Support Analyst – Tallahassee

Tallahassee, FL

Onsite  -  Technical Support / Help Desk  -  Contract  -  Job ID: 23-71987

Position: Customer Support Analyst 
Location: Tallahassee, FL – Onsite
Duration: 12 months
Compensation: 20-25/hr. 

Scope of Services:

The Central Office, IT Services Office is looking for an experienced AV technician to set up and operate equipment for live events. As an AV technician, you will be responsible for organizing and installing media equipment such as Teams rooms, projectors, microphones, video monitors and sound boards. You may also be required to alter the venue layout to enhance acoustics. You should have an advanced knowledge of audio and video equipment and excellent troubleshooting skills. The duties of this position can be broad and will include other such tasks as assisting the Workstation Support Supervisor with troubleshooting computer systems and related software, learning about, and providing technical assistance and routine maintenance of specialized software applications. Providing support for other IT related hardware devices such as networked printers and USB attached peripherals. Responsibilities will include providing Tier 2 support of medium to high difficulty requiring the ability to take ownership of complex issues. Being able to perform advanced troubleshooting to determine the cause of problems. Installs, configures, and provides user support, monitors Service Desk queue, and resolves support tickets as assigned. Participates in and coordinates projects, shares information and receives feedback from other OIT staff as appropriate. Generates and maintains detailed technical documentation, coordinates service calls and repairs for warranty and non-warranty items. Maintains records on all calls. Provides advanced support for other Technicians as needed in Audio-Visual systems.


A high school diploma or equivalent with at least journey-level work experience in Audiovisual Support with apprentice-level experience in supporting Information Technology. Some academic or vocational level education is preferred.


  1. Skilled at installing and providing technical support for audio-visual equipment in a professional environment that includes, Projection systems, LCD TV systems, Wireless presentation devices, Video conferencing equipment, software applications, operating systems and personal computer hardware
  2. Have advanced knowledge of computer software, hardware, and firmware relative to personal computer, local area network/wide area network environments
  3. Have advanced knowledge of Microsoft products, such as operating systems, Microsoft Office suite including Outlook in a networked environment
  4. Have the ability to do advanced troubleshooting on various manufacturers of computers, peripherals and audio-visual equipment.
  5. ability to plan, organize, manage and track projects
  6. ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing
  7. ability to read, understand, and comply with the department's policies

Primary Job Duties/ Tasks:

  1. Plan, organize, and implement the maintenance and operation of sound equipment, video projectors, cameras, microphones, sound consoles, speakers, IT equipment, and other technical systems used during events
  2. Maintain and test audiovisual equipment and perform basic troubleshooting
  3. Maintain digital signage solution 4. Install, set up, and operate sound equipment, video projectors, and other various forms of audiovisual and IT-related systems as needed
  4. Provide support for live digital meeting technologies such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom
  5. Apply basic principles of operational support of computer hardware and software
  6. Oversee operation and quality of computer training classroom to ensure equipment is in good condition
  7. Evaluate equipment needs and notify supervisor of the need to repair or replace as well as handle the contacting of relevant service providers to complete repairs
  8. Ensure that sufficient spares are stocked to maintain or replace parts and equipment, including consumables
  9. Be on-site to assist in performances and deal with technical emergencies or issues as required. This may include after-hours
  10. Utilize proper safety practices and procedures in line with the use of A/V equipment and related cabling
  11. Perform other related duties pertaining to Audiovisual and Information Technology Support as requested by Supervisor
  12. Provides training on the use of equipment as needed and serves as technical advisor to all areas for the purchase of new audio/video equipment and conference room renovation planning
  13. Assists the Workstation Support Supervisor in the troubleshooting of specialized applications
  14. Assists with standard workstation support issues and PC replacements as needed

Job Specific Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSAs):

The submitted candidate must be able to apply the specific knowledge, skills, and abilities in the following areas:

  1. Skilled in the installation, maintenance, trouble shooting, and support of audio video presentation equipment including basic room setup and design.
  2. Ability to perform advanced troubleshooting on various manufacturers of audio video equipment Advanced knowledge of Microsoft products, including operating systems, Office suite and Outlook in a networked environment
  3. Knowledge of computer software, hardware, and firmware relative to personal computer, local area network/wide area network environments.
  4. Skilled at installing and providing technical support for software applications, operating systems and personal computer hardware
  5. Ability to plan, organize, manage and track projects
  6. Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing
  7. Ability to read, understand, and comply with the department's policies
  8. Ability to multi-task, appropriately prioritize, work with minimal supervision, and achieve results in a fast-paced environment is required

Personal Attributes:

  1. Able to be trusted with sensitive information
  2. Accountable team player who believes no task is too small or too big to tackle
  3. Possess a high level of honesty and integrity in all matters
  4. Experience at working both independently and in a team-oriented, collaborative environment
  5. Advanced interpersonal, written, and oral communication skills
  6. Excellent listening and interpersonal skills
  7. Ability to conduct research into issues and topics as assigned
  8. Can conform to shifting priorities, demands, and timelines through analytical and problem-solving capabilities
  9. Must be able to learn, understand, and apply new things quickly
  10. Ability to effectively communicate ideas
  11. Highly self-motivated and directed
  12. Keen attention to detail
  13. Proven analytical and creative problem-solving abilities
  14. Ability to effectively prioritize and execute tasks in a high-pressure environment
  15. Strong customer service orientation