Pace of IT Employment Growth Accelerates in June

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Alexandria, VA, July 10, 2013 The rate of growth of IT employment further accelerated in June, posting another all-time high.

The number of IT jobs grew 0.51 percent sequentially last month to 4,473,300, according to TechServe Alliance, a collaboration of IT & Engineering Staffing and Solutions firms, clients, consultants and suppliers. On year-over-year basis, IT employment has grown by 5.71% since June 2012 adding almost 241,700 IT workers.

“While IT employment has been on the upswing for some time, June’s numbers are clearly evidence that pace is accelerating,” stated Mark Roberts, the CEO of TechServe Alliance. “While I have said it before, it bears repeating because of its importance: an inadequate supply of talent, not demand, represents our greatest challenge to achieving the full potential for IT employment growth in the U.S.,” added Roberts.

IT jobs are found in virtually every sector and industry in varying degrees. The following table presents information about the total number of jobs in certain sectors that provide a significant amount of employment for IT professionals as well as to the number of all jobs.



TechServe Alliance

IT Employment Index


Computer systems and design services Management and technical consulting services Data processing, hosting and related services Total non-farm jobs
number of jobs 4, 473,300 1,694,300 1,187,400 252,700 135,902,000
change from previous month + 0.51% + 0.4% + 0.7% + 0.7% + 0.1%
change from same month, one year earlier + 5.71% + 4.7% + 6.1% 1.1% + 1.7%
note: all figures are subject to revision

Sources: Department of Labor/U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and TechServe Alliance


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