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Michael Sabo | Resource Development Manager – Houston, TX

Employability skills are the abilities, qualities and attitudes that companies deem essential for their workplace. However, when it comes to finding and ultimately succeeding in a programming career, there are many more skills that need to be honed to truly take your career to the next level.

In this article, we explore the trends in programming careers, important programming tips to remember, and how to develop these important and much needed skills.

Trends for Programming Careers

When it comes to programming careers, it’s important for candidates to continuously sharpen their skills to demonstrate the talent that they bring to the table.

Currently, two of the biggest programming trends revolve around cloud and web development. Most companies are moving towards a cloud-based environment with web-based applications that tie into their various tools and technologies.

JavaScript and many of the JavaScript frameworks (most notably Angular) are also hot right now. This is primarily due to JavaScript’s versatility and capability with various software and databases which comes in handy if a company is purchased and needs to merge with a new environment.

Important Tips to Remember

Web development is going to continue to evolve. It is not going anywhere and there are so many applications offered via the web, so maintaining a core skill of web development with .NET and/or Java is crucial.

With the recent popularity in cloud computing, we’ve seen a big push for automation as well. Both Python, more on the data analytics side, and JavaScript are two very important skills that programmers need to stay current with these trends and showcase their talents.

How to Develop These Skills

There are many certifications programs that candidates can complete to validate their proficiency in a specific area. For example, Microsoft alone offers an abundance of certification courses.

There are also a variety of boot camps offered online where you can strengthen your talents in areas such as Python, JavaScript, .NET, and Java. Additionally, Genuent’s Talent Path division offers 12 weeks of immersive, hands-on technology training within several technology tracks such as Java and Cloud. Programming careers are on the rise – keeping up with the current trends along with developing/maintaining important skills to very specific areas such as Python, JavaScript, Java, and .NET will shoot you to the top of the talent market in finding a great programming career and succeeding within that role.

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