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Despite being a relatively new position, business analysts have made themselves indispensable to companies in the 21st century. Enterprises of all sizes, and in all industries, rely on the expertise of business analysts to help them make prudent decisions and gain a competitive advantage. This already in-demand field is expected to grow exponentially in size, scope, and importance in coming years.

Business analysts that work in the IT industry are not drastically different than their counterparts in other industries, but they are required to have certain specialized skill sets and knowledge bases. However, their overall importance to IT companies is just as significant. The tech sector is always highly competitive, meaning that the services of business analysts are essential. This simple guide will tell you everything you need to know about this dynamic career path.


Becoming a business analyst does not require any specific degree or certification, but that does not mean that anyone with a degree can become one. Typically, candidates have a background in technical topics like programming, engineering, or computer science. In some other cases, their education has been focused on business subjects. In all cases, a four-year degree will be a prerequisite.

The International Institute for Business Analysts does offer a certification program, and they are the primary entity responsible for defining what a business analyst does. Completing this certification is beneficial, but it is not currently required for most vacant positions.


A business analyst has four primary responsibilities.

  • Strategic Planning – Identifying an organization’s business needs
  • Business Model Analysis – Defining market approaches and policies for an organization
  • Process Design – Creating standardized work flows
  • System Analysis – Analyzing how rules and requirements affect technical systems

Fundamentally, it is the role of the business analyst to understand an organization’s needs and use IT to further strategic goals. Both business and technical expertise are of equal importance.

Current Openings

If you think a career as a business analyst might be right for you, investigate these vacancies.

  • IT Business Analyst: A company in Fort Lauderdale is looking for a business analyst with specific expertise in the Enterprise Software Development Life Cycle.
  • Traditional Business Analyst: Candidates for this position will ensure that the business requirements for new business initiatives have been identified and formally documented.

If you have technical skills and business acumen, a career as a business analyst may be a fulfilling prospect. To learn more about this career path and identify available positions, work with the employment specialists at TekPartners.

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