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As the technology sector continues to evolve, it’s important for IT professionals to track their progress and growth in the field. Part of this involves being educated about IT salaries across the nation and what type of projected salary growth is expected for the IT industry at large. TekPartners’ 2017 Salary Guide can be a helpful resource in determining whether your current salary is on the right track and what you can expect in the future.

Here are some of the main points highlighted in the 2017 Salary Guide:

IT salaries continue to rise.

Throughout 2017, executive salaries for IT positions are expected to experience a 3 percent increase. Such positions in this category include “chief executive officer,” “chief security officer,” “big data engineer,” “VP of IT” and “Director of IT.” Salary boosts are expected throughout many specialties, making the field very competitive for IT professionals at large.

Tech talent remains in high demand.

Many companies are continuing to struggle in finding top-quality talent to fill critical IT needs. This has given IT professionals more leverage as they consider several types of employment options (full time, part time, contract, etc.), often having the ability to negotiate for higher salaries. As IT demand continues to grow, the salary outlook for emerging professionals in the field is very promising.

Rise of smaller markets.

Because the tech industry has progressed immensely, many IT opportunities are no longer limited to large metropolitan areas. The growth of the field has resulted in many new jobs being dispersed throughout both small and midsize cities. Some of the geographic areas poised for tech growth in 2017 include Raleigh, NC; Minneapolis, MN; Northern Virginia; Dallas, TX; and Atlanta, GA. IT professionals can expect to experience career stability by exploring job opportunities in these regions.

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