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Genuent President and Chief Executive Officer, Kip Wright, recently discussed the launch of Genuent’s innovative new software, Genuent Talent On Demand (GTOD), on Texas Business Radio’s “The Entrepreneur’s Voice” program.  Wright was brought on as an industry expert to review the latest trends in the staffing industry and share Genuent’s expertise in utilizing technology to match clients’ hiring needs with the best, fully-vetted candidates.

Texas Business Radio is a syndicated show, covering news, events and business happenings all over Texas. Hosts Matt Register and Jay Curry interviewed Wright about the increased need for quickly hiring qualified candidates, especially in the Information Technology industry, to ensure project deadlines are met and to maintain workflow.

“At Genuent, we believe the staffing industry has reached a pivotal point and it’s time to take a different approach,” said Wright. “We believe relationships matter. We are providing talent that is human, not a commodity. We understand that clients have specific needs based on job descriptions and experience level, but we also want the individuals we bring to the table to have the right personality and work ethic, ensuring they will fit in with the culture and environment.”

Wright also explained how Genuent’s new, cutting edge technology platform, Genuent Talent On Demand, allows clients to see beyond a resume. “Through an online portal, accessible anytime and anywhere, GTOD provides clients with access to candidate video interviews and skills testing results. Hiring managers are now able to get a sense of individual personalities, skill sets and work ethic. This pre-screening capability speeds up the hiring process.”

Kip Wright is a staffing industry veteran with more than 26 years of experience in shifting the landscape of the human capital industry. Known as a passionate leader with an innate ability to drive both growth and organizational efficiencies, Wright is responsible for all facets of executive strategy and leadership for the Genuent organization. Wright is a five-time recipient of Staffing Industry Analysts’ “Staffing 100” award, recognizing the most influential leaders in the staffing industry.

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