Creative Talent for Worldwide Brand

Talent Solutions: Sourcing Creative Talent for a Worldwide Brand


One of the world’s top technology and design brands needed assistance finding top talent for ongoing and future projects. The company was well known for creativity and innovation, as well as a very discerning hiring process, so its leaders were looking for a talent solutions firm that could truly understand their needs and bring in the right people. After giving INSPYR Solutions the chance to fill a specialized creative project manager role, the company decided that we were the right partner to drive the expansion of the company’s creative resources.


After filling the initial role, the INSPYR Solutions team earned the opportunity to fill several more roles including a producer, an art director, and a designer. As we successfully filled each of these roles with talented individuals, the company continued to expand on its requests to include roles that encompassed the entire advertising and creative lifecycle: creative direction, art direction, copywriting, production, design, 3D work, and motion design. On the operations side, our team also sourced great matches for additional roles such as project managers, coordinators, finance and budget roles, tool specialists, and more.

Before working with us, the company had been working with a number of other vendors, but they soon built a one-to-one collaborative relationship with INSPYR Solutions once they recognized our ability to provide the right talent solutions for their wide variety of needs. They had been seeking a workforce solutions partnership that covered a spectrum of roles, was easy to work with, and had the ability to understand their creative perspective. They found everything they were looking for with INSPYR Solutions.

As we continued to work with the brand and take on more talent requests, we created a specialized taskforce 100% dedicated to the company’s needs. This allowed us to offer a flexible and responsive concierge-style service that many other firms cannot. Our integrated partnership also grew to include INSPYR Solutions team members onsite so we could be positioned to offer immediate and effective service for the company’s highly specific creative hiring needs.

The close partnership with our team onsite enabled us to gain deep insight into the company’s creative plans, talent needs, and culture, which in turn allowed us to better serve the client’s requests because our team truly understood the aesthetic, brand ethos, and the type of candidates that would succeed. We knew that we were seeking the top echelon of talent and that nothing less would suffice, so our specialized team dedicated itself to providing these people to the client. As a result of these efforts, we soon became their top creative talent supplier.

Our team worked very closely with the client’s team to develop a deep understanding of their design concepts and brand so we could recruit the kind of elite talent they were seeking. This required a fine-tuned sense about the sort of people who would be right for the job and the ability to negotiate with people who are used to working for very high-end businesses. These were seasoned professionals at the top of their field, so it was no easy task to get in front of them – but our team did.


The INSPYR Solutions team provided the client more than 150 consultants with up to 65 on assignment at a time. 20 of those highly talented people went on to become permanent members of the client’s creative team. We sourced talent for a huge variety of roles, but the majority of them were in the areas of art direction, creative direction, copywriting, and production. Other roles included about 10-12 project managers at any given point in time across different lines of the business, as well as about 30-35 production-related roles.

Because of their caliber, the people we brought to this client would go on to work on high-profile campaigns and productions that would be seen worldwide. Frequently, they would become hiring managers themselves, and we would supply them with the team members they needed as well. We built out a large portion of the team including leads, senior designers, and the majority of their senior lead producers. This timing aligned with a growth spurt for the company where they needed top talent fast to take advantage of the market, so we worked to support that growth with the best of the best.

Throughout our time working with this top brand, we always remained committed to our brand promise of high-quality service and an attention to detail that is unmatched by the competition. We served as a full service, integrated partner for several years, providing the client with the absolute best the industry has to offer.


Client Profile

A Fortune 10 technology and media company known for always being on the cutting edge of design, the client is also a trailblazer in software and hardware technology, digital content, and related services. The company has a long and prestigious history of innovation, and it is a well-known brand throughout the world.

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