Live Demo: Copilot for PowerBI


If you’re looking to make the most of your data, this is your chance to learn about key features of Copilot for Power BI and how this tool can help you generate useful insights, reports, and more.

What is Microsoft Copilot for Power BI? Copilot is an AI-driven tool integrated into the Power BI platform aimed at enhancing data analysis and visualization capabilities. Copilot leverages advanced natural language processing and machine learning to assist users in creating reports, analyzing data, and generating insights more efficiently.

What will the webinar cover? Our webinar will cover the various benefits of Copilot for Power BI including natural language queries, automated insights, report generation, data storytelling, collaboration and sharing, and customization and flexibility. We will show a live demonstration of Copilot during the session.


About Our Speakers:

Igor ZaritskySr. Solution Advisor at INSPYR Solutions

Andy Pineda | Practice Lead for Data & Analytics at INSPYR Solutions

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