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If you’re in the tech industry, you know firsthand there’s a great deal of growth and demand occurring in the field, resulting in the rise of many lucrative IT positions. Now, as employers are undergoing staffing shortages across the country, professionals in the tech field have ample opportunities to increase their earning potential and land higher-paying jobs. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, below are some of the highest paying IT jobs with average salaries of over $100,000.

DevOps Engineer

For professionals who have mastered the combination of coding and engineering, a position as a DevOps engineer may be a solid career fit. DevOps engineers work within many departments of a company to develop and improve IT systems, with a focus on increasing efficiencies and providing better IT solutions. IT professionals with experience in software engineering and security systems are typically well suited for this role. Top skills employers look for in DevOps candidates include analytical abilities, problem-solving, and teambuilding.

Data Architect

Specializing in strategic planning expertise, data architects are responsible for analyzing a company’s data needs and maintaining secure databases to improve IT operations. Data architects closely evaluate existing data to identify viable solutions, overseeing how data is managed and stored through a variety of tasks. Some of the most important skills organizations look for in a data architect candidate include coding, attention to detail, and experience with training others.

Software Developer

Software developers continue to be in high demand, especially as companies invest in advanced software and innovative technologies. Software engineers are directly involved in the design of computer systems and programs, working to identify end user needs and implement viable solutions. IT professionals with a combination of coding, problem-solving, and analytical skills are most qualified to work in various software development capacities.

Whether you’re just entering the IT field or are a seasoned IT professional looking for a career shift, there are many benefits of exploring the in-demand IT positions above.

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