Never Use These Phrases During a Cybersecurity Job Interview

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Cybersecurity Job Interview

Have you landed a cybersecurity job interview? Perhaps it hasn’t happened yet, but you want to be prepared. This article is for you. Knowing what words to avoid in your interview responses is a major part of being prepared to present your best self to potential employers. As you navigate difficult IT interview questions and aim to present your tech credentials, here are three common words and phrases to avoid:


While this word may seem most appropriate to describe your attitude and work ethic, it tends to be very over-used and, unfortunately, does not distinguish you from other hard-working tech candidates. Because every ambitious cybersecurity candidate will strive to present themselves as “hard-working,” it’s far better to illustrate specifically how hard you work, such as describing that you’re reliable, trustworthy, and willing to go the extra mile to get IT projects done. When in doubt, always articulate your abilities rather than use a generic word to describe yourself.


It’s important to avoid bringing up any circumstances in which you were fired from a tech job. Even when asked about your work history, you can simply state that a former IT position didn’t work out for various reasons while still explaining the relevant experience you gained from the opportunity. Saying the word “fired” immediately sets a negative tone about your candidacy and detracts from your positive attributes as a tech candidate during the interview. You should also be sure to avoid passing any negative comments about your previous employers – maintaining a positive tone is vital to giving a successful cybersecurity job interview.


While “passion” for the tech industry or a specific IT role is wonderful in theory, employers are looking for cybersecurity candidates with grit, determination, and a willingness to learn. A dedication to your work in the tech industry requires more than passion, but rather, a sense of curiosity and longing to solve problems and take on challenges. Instead of using the word “passion,” it’s far more effective to discuss your genuine interest in trends and developments in the IT field. This allows you to exhibit your passion while demonstrating that you have the industry knowledge to back it up.

By omitting these words from your cybersecurity job interview, you’ll be able to focus more on highlighting not only your most compelling qualifications, but also your most impactful traits and abilities!

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