Is Your Application Process Costing You Talent?

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With competition for top-quality IT candidates at an all-time high, many organizations are finding it difficult to attract the best tech talent. It’s important for all organizations to evaluate their hiring practices and identify which areas of their hiring process can be improved. One of the most impactful components of an effective hiring process is the application system. Making sure your application process is easy to navigate will ensure a steady flow of qualified candidates to your organization. Here are some reasons your IT job application process may be costing your organization talent:

Outdated or inefficient job application platform

Many job seekers choose not to apply to a job if they have a frustrating experience with the online job application platform. An outdated or inefficient application process will leave candidates annoyed and aggravated, causing them to lose interest in the position and move on to an application for another employer. It’s essential that you implement an online application system candidates can easily navigate and use in a timely manner.

Additionally, the platform should allow your IT candidates to upload materials and save their information so they can return to their application later. Making sure your application platform is mobile-friendly is also important for receiving high-quality candidates. With any application system, ease and convenience should be paramount for a positive candidate experience.

Lack of feedback

Candidates who apply to your organization and express interest in a position deserve to receive feedback throughout the application process. Feedback not only improves the application experience, it also builds positive relationships with candidates early in the hiring process. First, an email acknowledging a candidate’s application should be sent to the candidate immediately after they apply. It’s also a smart idea to provide candidates with updates about your organization’s tentative hiring timeline after candidates’ interviews, if applicable.

Keeping candidates informed as to where they stand in the hiring process is a practice that will make a positive impression on high-quality applicants. Failing to provide regular feedback can result in a negative application experience for the candidates, potentially altering their desire to work at your organization.


If you aren’t actively measuring applicant outcomes, then it’s almost impossible to make effective changes to your application system. Optimizing your application platform to attract top talent involves measurement of candidates’ experience – such as how long it takes for candidates to complete applications, how many candidates abandon the application process, etc. Using analytics to measure these factors will allow your organization to address areas that need improvement and enhance your current application system.

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