Best Practices for Generative AI Security

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Generative AI Security Risks

The rapid adoption of generative AI tools has been exciting as we explore the countless possibilities these tools have unlocked. However, many organizations have found themselves trying to catch up with users and are now working to institute policies and best practices that will protect their data. As these types of tools become more mainstream and new ones are released and adopted, it’s important to have best practices in place to ensure your organization’s security.

Create Clear Policies

If your company hasn’t already adopted a system of policies around generative AI usage, now is the time to start. These policies can build on your existing framework around technology usage and should include elements to ensure that employees understand what they can and cannot do with generative AI tools. It should be very clear what tools are acceptable to use, what sort of tasks they can be used for, and what data can be used with them. Your IT and leadership team should also work together to vet specific tools in order to best understand how they work, how data is utilized, and address any concerns about compliance. If your organization will allow employees to use certain data sets with generative AI tools, then a policy and training on how to properly anonymize that data is important to include. The goal is to make it very clear how AI can be utilized and what team members need to do to stay compliant, so your sensitive data remains safe.

Educate Your Team

To understand how to use AI appropriately and how to maintain security for your organization, your team members need to be informed about your policies and procedures regarding generative AI tools. Establish a series of trainings to educate your team on your policies and ensure that everyone understands the risks associated with utilizing AI tools. As your front line when it comes to security, it’s imperative that your team understands the various security risks that AI can pose to your organization and how to mitigate them. Being transparent about why team members can or cannot do certain things or use tools in certain ways will help each person understand their role in keeping the company’s systems and data safe. For example, the team should never use proprietary, copyrighted, or sensitive data with generative AI tools because many of these tools retain this data and you will lose control over it if it’s submitted. An educated team will be better prepared to navigate AI tools as well as other technology security matters.

Protect Your Data

Ensuring that team members understand why they should not use proprietary or sensitive information is an important piece in the larger scheme of protecting your company’s data. Limiting access to that type of data is another way to ensure that it will remain as safe as possible. Adhering to the principle of least privilege is appropriate here, as with so many other sensitive resources. If employees generally do not have access to certain data sets, then there is far less danger of that data being misused with AI tools or in other nefarious or accidental ways. Along with these data policies, it’s important to implement data retention and minimization frameworks to better protect information in addition to your other cybersecurity defenses. If your company chooses to use a third-party vendor for AI resources, then it’s important to make sure that they also adhere to your security and compliance requirements.

Monitor Compliance Requirements

As laws and regulations begin to catch up with generative AI tools, it will be essential to ensure that your organization remains compliant as the landscape changes. While it may seem like the Wild West of AI tools and apps right now, requirements will eventually catch up to the technology. This may mean stricter usage guidelines, new data retention policies, limits on what kind of content can be used or produced, and more. By keeping up to date on regulations as they roll out, your organization will be prepared to navigate any new changes and adapt as needed.

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