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Boomerang Employees

As the workforce continues to evolve, organizations are experiencing new employee trends. One of these new trends occurring in the workforce is the growing incidence of boomerang employees, or workers who leave an organization and decide to return to the same organization at some point in their careers. Boomerang workers often leave organizations for higher salaries or better titles. However, they usually return to their former employers out of familiarity and for work stability. In fact, according to a recent study, 85 percent of HR professionals say they have received job applications from former employees, and 40 percent say their organization hired about half of those employees who applied.

Here are some of the factors surrounding the impact of boomerang workers on today’s workforce:

Online Communication

Now, with so many forms of online communication, it’s very easy for employers to stay in touch with former employees through email and professional networking sites like LinkedIn. Because employers can easily keep track of former employees, companies can stay connected to individuals who may be a good fit for new openings. By the same token, online communication makes it easy for candidates to reach out to former employers and inquire about new opportunities.

Employee Retention

Hiring and retaining high-quality talent is a priority for most thriving companies. Therefore, many employers prefer to hire boomerang workers who have a positive track record with their company. Hiring former employees improves employee retention, as boomerang workers are already familiar with the company’s culture and do not require comprehensive training or orientation.

Valuable Networks

Boomerang employees have often job hopped and worked at many organizations throughout their careers, which means they’ve likely developed a strong network of colleagues and potential clients or customers. These types of workers usually have a successful employment record, diverse experience, and are viewed highly in their respective fields, making them more valuable when they return to a former employer.

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