Strategies to Boost IT Retention

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For any organization to have a highly functioning IT department, it must pay close attention to the retention and long-term development of its employees. In addition to finding top IT talent, keeping these workers on board can be just as challenging, often requiring significant amounts of training and money. Here are some steps you can take to attract and retain your top IT performers which will propel your organization for success moving forward.

Ask for regular feedback from your team.

Too often leaders focus on giving employee feedback, rather than asking for it. Making a habit to regularly engage in two-way exchange with your IT employees will give them the opportunity to express their thoughts or concerns, allowing you to address negative issues before they potentially decide to quit. It’s common for IT professionals to have complaints about many things, such as their management or the software equipment available to them. Whether it’s through open meetings or one-on-one conversations, being proactive about gathering feedback early on will allow you to make changes and create a more positive and productive atmosphere for your team.

Ease employees’ stress.

Your IT employees are constantly tasked with solving unexpected technology issues at work, which can often make their jobs seem unforgiving and downright stressful. You can show your IT workers you appreciate them by easing their stress through inexpensive ways like monthly team huddles or on-site massages. Taking the initiative to show employee appreciation can do wonders in attracting and retaining the best IT employees, as they’ll feel valued for their contributions and more comfortable in their work environment. Any time you can break tradition and encourage your team to “let loose” creates feelings of connectivity and empowerment.

Build a culture of transparency.

Promoting values of honesty and integrity can be significantly influential in building a transparent culture in which employees are recognized and included in leadership decisions. By being transparent about how your company is doing, providing clarity about what can be improved, and recognizing those who have an impact, you will increase retention and instill a sense of confidence among your team. When done correctly, transparency builds enormous employee loyalty which translates to all facets of your organization – including your bottom line.

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