Is Your Candidate Process Losing You Top Talent?

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No matter how great your mission or organizational culture may be, a poor candidate process can cost you top talent and negatively impact your bottom line. Every organization must pay close attention to how they treat candidates throughout all stages of the hiring process to ensure the most optimal hiring outcomes. If you’re struggling to attract and secure high-quality IT candidates, you may be guilty of these common offenses:

Drawn out hiring process.

While hiring procedures always take a certain amount of time, a long or exceedingly drawn out process can result in candidates losing interest in your employment opportunities and considering other offers available to them instead. It’s critical you develop a plan for your HR team so hiring decisions are made within a reasonable timeframe and vacancies can be filled. The sooner hiring decisions are finalized, the quicker you can begin onboarding and getting your new employees up to speed.

Poor communication.

Committed and highly qualified candidates expect and deserve to know where they stand throughout the hiring process. Leaving candidates in the dark is an easy way to turn away top talent and make a poor first impression in the eyes of potential employees. It’s best to keep candidates informed either by phone or email throughout the entire hiring process, such as letting candidates know approximately when a hiring decision will be made or thanking them for their interest in your company. Integrating a communications strategy within your application process can be extremely beneficial in establishing positive exchanges with candidates before, during and after you interview them.

Low-grade interview experiences.

Remember, interviews are a two-way street. A candidate’s impression of your company is immediately formed during the interview and can easily shape their perception of your workplace. Making sure your candidates have a positive interview experience is essential in keeping their interest and shedding light on your company’s culture. Some ways to enhance candidate interviews may involve inclusion of an office tour or introducing them to members of your team. A candidate who feels uncomfortable during an interview will be unlikely to entertain a position at your organization and quick to consider other opportunities instead.

Losing out on even just a small percentage of top talent is inexcusable! Partnering with a strategic staffing partner like INSPYR Solutions is one of the best ways to create a positive candidate experience and streamline your recruitment process to find the best IT talent on the market. Find out how we can help you today.

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