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Case Study: Talent Solutions – Certified Contract Specialists


Our client was one of America’s fastest growing systems integrators. They had been winning non-stop business for their highly in-demand services, but found themselves in a situation where they were not able to provide a solution to end customers at times. This was due to the fact that the client did not have a bench of talent to pull from for certain roles including access control security technicians.

When our team reached out to the client, it turned out that they were having problems with their current vendor’s inability to perform at the levels the client needed in order to capture and retain these new customers. The situation had come to the point where the client was forced to turn down new business due to a lack of resources.

Faced with a spike in business and no way to meet increasing customer needs, the client was frustrated and needed help finding resources. That was when INSPYR Solutions stepped in to solve the problem.


NSPYR Solutions got to work immediately to turn around the situation and get the client the professional resources they urgently needed. Our team was able to help the client complete their jobs on time by providing quality resources they had previously lacked in specific areas. Where the previous vendor had not been able to identify the talent the client needed, INSPYR Solutions excelled at not only finding the right talent, but getting those qualified individuals signed on for our client’s projects.

During our first project with this client, we delivered a team of eight consultants. These experts provided efficient and skilled labor to go onsite and help the client’s project management team complete tasks on time and deliver solutions within budget. These roles included a Security Installer and seven Access Control Technicians who performed physical security work for school systems. We have since worked on several other projects where we exceeded expectations by helping this client solve their problems and improve their business through strategic placement of quality talent.

Most of the talent we have provided to the client was on a six-month contract basis, though we offer contract, contract-to-perm, and permanent placement options depending on the client’s needs. The experts we have provided to this particular client have included contractors certified by BICSI, Genetec, Lenel, and S2.


Before INSPYR Solutions joined forces with this client, they had been suffering lost business for at least six months due to a lack of resources that slowed their ability to perform for their customers, in large part due to the inability of the previous vendor to identify the talent the client needed. Once INSPYR Solutions got involved, we were immediately able to turn the situation around and help the client get back to generating the revenue they had been missing out on. The client was able to get back to work serving their customers and taking on new business opportunities that were out of reach before INSPYR Solutions came into the picture.

Client Profile

The client provides specialized services in a number of verticals including the IT and engineering industries, as well as the physical security space throughout the U.S. and other regions. They pride themselves on their proven work ethic, integrity, innovation, and an exceptional experience for clients.

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