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Case Study: Talent Solutions – Scaling for Rapid Growth


The client had been experiencing a number of business challenges due to the urgent need to exponentially increase their staff to meet the demands of an influx of new customers. However, they had experienced prolonged difficulty finding the specialized talent they needed for on-site positions and were falling behind on being able to meet those demands in some areas of the country. The client had tried utilizing agencies as well as searching on their own, but the outcomes were not keeping up with the company’s needs. As a result, the client had been losing business.


Thanks to a previous connection with the client’s field support division that had gained INSPYR Solutions a positive reputation with this contact, one of our team members was able to offer the assistance of our Talent Solutions team. Since the client had immediate needs throughout the country, INSPYR Solutions was able to get straight to work finding the right people with the necessary certifications and experience for the client’s openings. These positions included specialized on-site technicians throughout the United States and assistance with a project to upgrade and replace point of sales systems for one of the client’s customers, a well-known global retailer.

In the initial project with this client, the talent INSPYR Solutions provided included break/fix engineers and other specialized technicians to work onsite across several locations. These technicians helped with upgrading and replacing point of sale systems and maintaining 24/7 on-site support for the client’s high-profile customer. INSPYR Solutions provided 32 full-time permanent positions in under six months and the client also had the choice to utilize contract staff when needed as part of the flexible talent solutions options offered by our company.

The team at INSPYR Solutions understood the urgency of the client’s needs and worked to ensure that they would be filled as rapidly as possible. With growing business, the client required a very fast turnaround for certain positions, leading INSPYR Solutions to place eight people for one particular job order, six of them in under two weeks.


Once our team got involved, INSPYR Solutions was able to source candidates for the client very quickly. Since they had been losing business as a result of not being able to fulfill their customers’ needs, this swiftly got the firm back on track. A large part of the client’s business was focused on delivering specialized on-site customer service, so it was imperative that they have the best possible talent available across many locations nationwide.

INSPYR Solutions was able to offer qualified candidates in a timely manner in order to exponentially increase the client’s available staff, and to ensure that there would be enough people on-site at any given time to meet the specialized demands of the client’s customers. The INSPYR Solutions team rapidly gathered the right highly qualified candidates for the client to fill their urgent hiring needs so they could confidently take on the business that was being lost previously.

A notable feature of this project was the fact that the client had a rigorous training program for candidates in order to ensure the highest quality service for their customers. The talent provided by INSPYR Solutions resulted in a 97% retention rate, reflecting the excellent caliber of the people our company placed. We continue to work with this client, assisting with talent solutions such as the technicians they need in order to serve customers nationwide.

Client Profile

The client is a well-established company that provides a variety of services including technology, consulting, software, and other professional services. As an international provider of these vital services to other firms, the client is a rapidly growing business that employs a diverse workforce spanning multiple continents.

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