Salesforce Solution for ATM operator

Case Study: Building a Better Salesforce Solution


The client, an operator of a nationwide network of ATMs, was struggling to accurately track and manage the complex process of calculating commissions for hundreds of ATMs throughout the country. They needed to be able to take transactions from each machine and run them through complicated calculations in order to generate accurate commission reports and track cash.

The company initially created an entire system in Salesforce, but due to its limitations with Apex classes, the result was quite complex and hard to manage. As the company grew and the complexity of the calculations increased, so did the time it took to make changes and maintain the system. The client needed a better solution as the company continued to scale.


With this problem in mind, the client turned to INSPYR Solutions for assistance. As a trusted Salesforce Partner, the team at INSPYR Solutions had the expertise and experience necessary to architect a fully customized solution that would leverage the right technologies for this specific task.

We deployed a Salesforce Architect to assess the client’s situation and make recommendations based on the findings. They recommended a team of two Azure Developers and a QA expert to handle the client’s needs.

After careful consideration and analysis, and with the guidance of the experts at INSPYR Solutions, the client decided that a new instance of Salesforce would be the best path forward. This would enable the team to create an application tailored specifically to the client’s needs using out-of-the-box configurations and standard objects as much as possible without compromising security and scalability.

The next step for our team was incorporating Azure into the mix. This allowed the client’s systems to ingest data from multiple sources and apply complex logic across transactions in near real-time exposed as microservices. This was something that could not be achieved with Salesforce alone, but instead would extend its capabilities.

Finally, the team used Power BI, Microsoft’s powerful business intelligence tool, to create reporting so the client’s team could easily view graphical representations of sales performance and other metrics at any given time. We deployed a Business Analyst/Storyteller to assist with this phase of the project by cleaning up and creating user stories to help with a seamless transition to Salesforce Lightning.


Thanks to this unique combination of technologies, INSPYR Solutions was able to deliver a highly sophisticated yet easy-to-use solution for the client’s needs that not only met their requirements but also offered maximum flexibility going forward. This will enable the client to easily add new features or scale up operations if required in the future – giving them peace of mind that their system is future-proofed for success.

Client Profile

The client is a national operator of ATMs that provides sales, service, processing, and installation. The company serves customers throughout the U.S. in convenient locations such as gas stations, convenience stores, and other outlets. Focused on simple, customer-focused service, the client is well known for helping customers maximize their revenue from their onsite ATMs.

Technologies Supported

Salesforce, Azure, Power BI

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