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Case Study: Building a Revenue Analytics Dashboard


As a World Series champion team, the client attracts many spectators and fans to its home stadium each year. As a result, the team’s leadership needed a robust solution that could capture all stadium sales data as well as primary and secondary revenue streams and then assemble that data into a streamlined analytics dashboard. This solution would allow the management and executive teams to make more informed decisions for the future of the business.

The client also needed to capture revenue metrics by source, including all ticket sale data (both direct and third party), loyalty program purchases, beverage and concession sales, and other retail, parking, and additional sales figures. This would require moving from a manual system to a fully automated digital solution with many options for the executive team to filter data and analytics to suit different scenarios.


INSPYR Solutions was able to not only meet, but exceed the client’s expectations by providing three consultants with expertise in data architecture and development to create the requested solution. The INSPYR Solutions team chose Tableau to power the interactive data management system and create a unique sales reporting solution that would be nimble and versatile. As a Tableau Partner, INSPYR Solutions is uniquely capable of helping clients unlock their data through a truly remarkable Tableau experience.

INSPYR Solutions located and integrated all data sources while creating an analytics dashboard to display revenue classification by type, financial performance by date range, and forecasting metrics. This solution provided all key performance indicator (KPI) data needed by the client’s leadership. INSPYR Solutions continues to be a preferred analytic technology partner for the client with ongoing projects to expand on the original solution and create further enhanced reporting tools.


INSPYR Solutions was able to find, map and integrate all data sources into one dynamic dashboard using the Tableau data management system. With an enhanced dashboard, the client’s executives were able to use drill down metrics to view revenue performance by type and compare sales data to previous periods. The dashboard allowed the client’s leadership team to make informed decisions based on data from multiple sources refreshed with the latest figures on a daily basis.

This dashboard encompassed ticket sales by source, concession and retail sales, and parking and other stadium revenue all presented in an organized, intuitive, and aesthetically pleasing format. Additionally, the dashboard integrated past revenue channel performance data into the system, a key factor for evaluating and comparing KPIs over time.

As an added bonus, the system also included enhanced tools for forecasting, enabling the client to identify high and low performing revenue streams as well as opportunities for adjustments and growth. As a result, the data now provided the client’s leadership team with pivotal intelligence reporting – an invaluable return on their investment.

Client Profile

The client is an American professional baseball team competing in Major League Baseball (MLB) as a member of the National League East division. The team provides the community with a fun, family-oriented environment for everyone to enjoy and grow in their love of America’s favorite pastime; the team helps create long-lasting memories for enthusiasts and ball park visitors alike. The team’s home stadium features the high excitement of baseball games, premium food and beverage options, and live performances by artists. With so many options, the client sets the bar high in ballpark stadium entertainment.

Technologies Supported

CRM and Tableau.

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