Creating Advanced Systems for Inventory Tracking and Manufacturing Demands

Creating Advanced Systems for Inventory Tracking and Manufacturing Demands


A healthy snack startup needed help building out advanced systems for tracking inventory and manufacturing to keep up with demand as they worked to scale operations. After working with a vendor that was not able to complete the project, the company needed help from a partner that would be able to get these systems working and set them on a path that would support future growth.


The INSPYR Solutions team created a plan for the various systems they needed to support and grow the business. We quickly differentiated ourselves from the competition with timely service, a team of technical experts that could adjust to project needs, and a team that communicated well with the company’s internal team.

With a large variety of products and a quickly expanding roster of clients, the company needed advanced solutions for fixed asset management as well as credit and collections. As their needs evolved while working on the project, INSPYR Solutions remained highly flexible and adjusted the scope of the project to meet all new requirements. Our ability to pivot and match the company’s pace was an important factor in the success of the project as the startup was continuing to grow and encounter increasing demand.

The INSPYR Solutions team presented Microsoft Dynamics 365 as a solution that would efficiently bring together various data streams and give the company’s employees the insights needed to handle current clients and grow to serve new customers. We deployed subject matter experts with Microsoft Certifications in Dynamics 365 to provide top expertise throughout implementation and training.


Our team set up Microsoft Dynamics 365 to serve as the infrastructure that will allow the company to be successful as the organization grows. This included a system that tracks inventory such as ingredients for various products, making it possible to handle large volume orders for the growing client base. This inventory management system also helps reduce waste and increase cost efficiency, which is vital to a growing business.

The INSPYR Solutions team also set up the company’s ordering system, reducing manual work, and creating a smoother workflow from ordering to inventory and beyond. The credit and collections modules our team implemented will further increase efficiencies, saving the company both time and money.

We will continue to work with this company to build out additional solutions as they grow, including creating links for Power BI components that will enable them to do their own self-service reporting from Dynamics and Azure Synapse. This will bring data together from disparate systems for analysis and reporting, which in turn will help the team make better business decisions.

By implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365, the INSPYR Solutions team increased efficiencies, saving the company time, money, and laying the foundation for future growth in an easily scalable ecosystem. These solutions will be leveraged by various departments for day-to-day business, thus having an enormous impact on the company’s workflow and scalability going forward.

Client Profile

The client is a startup operation set to revolutionize the food industry by combining flavor and nutrition in a way no one else does. By creating products that are both healthy and protein-rich, the company aims to satisfy cravings for food that is both flavorful and filling. They will fuel your life so you can reach your goals while still enjoying what you eat.

Technologies Supported

Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power BI, Azure Synapse

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