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Case Study: Developing a Mobile App (iOS)


The client’s customers had been requesting an iOS app for a long time as there was an existing Android app with many functionalities. Certain customers were unhappy that they did not have access to these features and the client wanted to be able to provide them, but had encountered difficulties while trying to execute the project. The client’s iOS app severely lagged behind the Android app during this time. The client urgently needed an iOS app on the same level as the Android app that would allow customers to control home automation and security features because they were not meeting customer expectations without these vital functions.


INSPYR Solutions had a previous relationship with the client when our Charlotte team learned that they needed help building a mobile application. The company knew our reputation as a trusted partner, so they were quickly connected with our Professional Services team and learned that we had a great deal of experience with similar projects. Our mobile practice lead instilled confidence in the client by showing them exactly what they needed; he laid out a plan for what features they would receive, set expectations for the timeline, and started work right away when the client approved of the plan.

The same mobile practice lead who worked with the client to show them what we could do was then set as the expert in charge of the project. As an expert in iOS mobile app development, he had worked on similar high profile projects in the past and had the background to complete all deliverables the client requested in less time that originally anticipated. He built the app in Swift, a language that gives developers a great deal of freedom to design the features the client might envision.

Throughout the project, our team lead worked with the client’s QA team so they could ensure everything functioned to the client’s preferences. Our expert took the lead role on development and the architecture of the application. We also worked with their business team and product managers to ensure that the app included everything the client requested from a feature perspective, and began to work beyond the necessities to include other features the client desired.


The project was completed in a month and a half and included twice the deliverables we originally promised to the client. The original plan was to provide 15 features, but we delivered 31 different features for the first version of the iOS app. This was a huge success for the client because they were able to move forward with a far more advanced app in such a short period of time.

Some of the advanced features our mobile practice lead built out for the client’s app included integrated security cameras, thermostat features, sensor connectivity, and additional security and home automation features such as IoT integration to create a true smart home or business setup. After we completed the creation of the 31 new features for the iOS app, the client has since moved forward with upgrading the Android app, implementing our ideas in that environment as well.

Our success in this project allowed the client to improve and elevate their business by fulfilling a frequent request, expanding options for customers beyond what was originally promised, and allowing the client to deliver an expanded, high-end experience to match their elite clientele. The new features of the service now set the client apart in their industry and have set them on track to supersede a top competitor through these cutting-edge options.

We are continuing to work with this client as they were very pleased with the way we not only met, but surpassed our goals and the client’s expectations. We are currently working on additional features for the app as well as a matching web application’s functionality to deliver a seamless experience to customers across multiple environments. These expanded offerings will give our client a competitive edge by combining the security and home automation products into a robust suite of features.

Client Profile

The client is a security and home automation company that provides reliable and innovative smart solutions for home and business. A trusted brand for over 25 years, they provide cost-effective, high quality solutions and technical support to fit each customer’s lifestyle and budget. The client’s services include lighting, energy management, and environmental control, as well as various security and automation features to create a state-of-the-art smart experience for home or office.

Technologies Supported

iOS, Realm, Rest, SQL Server, Swift.

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