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Case Study: Hazardous Materials Tracking Application


As a worldwide leader in cruise vacation getaways with twenty-five ships in its roster, the client required a hazardous materials system that could keep track of harmful materials requiring replacement, disposal, or containment with precise measurement for its entire fleet.

A mandate from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requires that all hazardous materials aboard cruising vessels be tracked and properly disposed of according to specific laws and a standard list of requirements set forth by the agency. In order to comply, the client needed a robust mobile-responsive application that could track all hazardous materials, provide reporting for compliance inquiries, and deliver an accurate on-demand manifest of materials and disposal locations.


INSPYR Solutions was enlisted as a trusted technology partner to deliver a modern application to facilitate the hazardous material tracking process. After several planning sessions with the client’s executives and business leaders, INSPYR Solutions created a plan for developing the application that detailed the required resources and mapped the metrics that would be displayed along with the data.

INSPYR Solutions placed six highly qualified consultants and a dedicated management team to handle the client’s needs. In just over three months, the team was able to successfully allocate all data sources, input EPA standards and requirements into the system, and create a fully mobile-friendly application that exceeded the requirements set forth by the client.

As part of the service package, INSPYR Solutions provided consulting expertise ranging from application layout and logical process flow specialized to technical knowledge in order to deliver an application that enabled high level management teams and executives to receive detailed information quickly and efficiently. This included extended custom reporting tools showing hazardous waste levels and items in need of disposal, as well as custom automated alerts for all high level management and executives. The application also included the ability to create detailed manifests for all twenty-five ships with dynamic data for instantaneous extraction.


For the first time in company history, the client was able to access all hazardous material reporting through a mobile-friendly application. With interactive data displays, executives and managers were finally able to accurately track the disposal and containment of waste, elevator hydraulic fluid, oils used in cooking, and so much more. Most importantly, being able to track this data allowed the client to mitigate risks related to these materials and the EPA regulations through a streamlined manifest process.

What was originally an onsite, manual process was moved to a fully digital, offsite process as a direct result of engaging INSPYR Solutions for the project. The new system provided easy filtering and navigation for users, helped the client avoid pollution and the subsequent EPA penalties, and allowed the company to easily adhere to compliance inquiries. The application was implemented across all twenty-five fleet ships and has proved invaluable for the client’s bottom line.

Client Profile

The client offers a variety of quality cruises ranging from three to eighteen day voyages for a reasonable price. As a company dedicated to its mission of bringing fun to all, the client aims to deliver memorable getaways for customers by providing a ship full of entertainment and activities for people of all ages. A member of the World’s Leading Cruise Line alliance, the client is committed to quality and value, offering affordable cruise vacations to the general public. With attentive service, accommodating staterooms, many entertainment options, and a wide variety of activities and dining options, the client is among the most popular cruise lines in the world.

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