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Case Study: Implementing AWS for Enhanced Analytics


As one of the largest companies in the residential and business monitoring service industry in the U.S., the client required an advanced, versatile reporting tool that could help the company improve customer experience. After exploring the options available, the client chose to migrate its external customer facing applications to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment. In order to achieve this goal, the client required experienced consultants who could create an API that would transfer, manage, and control sensitive data, as well as a system to display that data in an advanced dashboard.

The client also required that the new system include the ability to obtain analytics on customer behavior to inform strategies for better marketing, customer retention and overall improvement of the customer experience. An API integration of this magnitude required the expertise available through INSPYR Solutions, a source of expert consultants for exactly this type of IT project.


As an expert in IT project solutions, INSPYR Solutions supplied the client with a team of ten highly talented individuals consisting of architects, team leads, software developers, DevOps, and web developers that surpassed the technological qualifications set by the client. Within seven months, INSPYR Solutions delivered a solution that successfully integrated all necessary third party systems within the client’s API requirements.

The INSPYR Solutions team created a visually impactful technology that allowed the client to migrate its applications to the AWS environment. With advanced development and cloud technology, the INSPYR Solutions expert consultants integrated the third party systems the client needed as well. An ongoing maintenance plan with was put in place with INSPYR Solutions to keep the tools up to date going forward. This would ensure the preservation of the system’s compatibility and the integrity of vital data segments in the future.


Once the client had a fully functioning integrated analytics application, the company was able to successfully capture the data needed to make strategic business decisions regarding customers. In addition, the application was successfully integrated with trusted vendors and third party systems to allow for superior reporting.

With the newly enhanced ability to track and map customer patterns and behaviors, as well as advanced analytics to measure customer retention, the client was empowered to identify opportunities to enhance the customer experience. As a result, the client not only saw a large cost savings, but a proven ROI with data findings enabling the company to identify new opportunities within its customer base. Furthermore, INSPYR Solutions remains an invaluable partner in the continual maintenance and expansion of the platform.

Client Profile

The client is a national provider of residential and business alarm monitoring services with over six million customers and over 140 years leading the security industry. Known as the largest company of its kind in the U.S. and Canada, the client has over 260 authorized dealers, more than 200 branch locations and answers 19 million alarm signals each year. The client is committed to protecting customers and their assets and holds its directors and corporate leadership to a high standard of conduct and ethics. The company offers a wide variety of services ranging from interactive home and business solutions to home health services, as well as extensive mobile options for customers on-the-go.

Technologies Supported

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and third party providers.

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