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Case Study: NFL Application Development Practice


A popular NFL team had recently undergone a major reorganization from the General Manager to the Head Coach as well as all of the Scouts. As part of the changes, the team’s leadership wanted a new system they could rely on for selecting the player personnel for the team based on various player statistics, and other searchable metrics that could be done using any device at any time – connected to the internet or offline.

This included a need for a sophisticated and flexible mobile and desktop application with the ability to track many player stats both on the team, in the league, or at the collegiate level. The client’s unique needs called for a specialized application to be built from the ground up in order to incorporate all the features requested. INSPYR Solutions deployed a solutions team very quickly that provided exactly what the client needed.


INSPYR Solutions was not only able to meet, but exceed expectations by creating a custom application built exactly to the client’s specifications with several enhanced features. INSPYR Solutions deployed a team of highly talented experts that included a project manager, technical lead, architect, and several developers to handle this project.

Utilizing the INSPYR Solutions RPM (Rapid Project Methodology), the team was able to provide a complete solution customized for the client’s needs. Phase I of the project included an application that was completed in just seven weeks that could be used while connected to the internet or offline. There were several succeeding phases of the project that were delivered successfully and INSPYR Solutions continues to work with this client to add even more features as new needs arise.


The client’s requests included a mobile app allowing the coach and assistant coaches to input data right from their phones during practice, games, etc. This allows the team to add data in real time and check the market from anywhere, including free agents, college drafts, and available trades. They can also identify top picks based on particular stats through the application’s search features.

The unique system draws data from several sources into one accessible database, keeping all stats up to date in a program that can be reached from any device. The team’s scouts can add additional information from the road in order to give the coaches the best information possible for making decisions.

Another feature requested by the client was the ability to score players and be given recommendations via AI (Artificial Intelligence) analysis. As a result, this application is now the main method of choosing who to draft or acquire through free agency. In the first year the team used the new application, the team was very successful as indicated by several industry analysts.

The solution created by INSPYR Solutions has saved the team an enormous amount of time and money that was being spent on manual data entry and analysis. The team is no longer missing out on players due to taking too long to gather information, and the leaders are now able to make better decisions. INSPYR Solutions continues to serve this client, including the addition of gameplay videos available right in the application.

Client Profile

The client is a well-known NFL team that has won numerous championships within its league, conference, division, along with many playoff appearances during its history spanning over 50 years. The team provides fun, family-oriented entertainment on the field and participates in many charity events to help its home community including promoting youth football, cancer awareness, and military appreciation.

Technologies Supported

Angular 4, .NET, C#, SQL Server 2016, Xamarin, Azure

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