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Case Study: Salesforce Implementation


The client had engaged a vendor to help them implement Salesforce, but unfortunately that vendor did not meet the implementation goal. The client found itself with a fragmented system, a backlog of changes yet to be completed, many delays as a result of the issues with the project, and a nearly depleted budget. In order to get back on track and move forward with its business plan, the client turned to INSPYR Solutions to fix what the original vendor had failed to complete and move forward with additional needed elements.


INSPYR Solutions stepped in to assist the client with its Salesforce implementation project. We led the project management as well as the technical delivery by deploying a specialty subject matter expert (SME) and a project manager. Our SME had a deep knowledge of Salesforce development at the enterprise level as well as extensive technical knowledge of the system and both team members were experts at delivering Salesforce projects. With this specialized team in place, INSPYR Solutions took on the development of the Salesforce implementation including Lightning, .NET, and Informatica Cloud. The team worked to complete 10 major releases of the client’s system and worked through the backlog.


Our experts were able to deliver the backlog of necessary core features in just three months and moved forward to deliver the backlog of additional features the client wanted over the next five months. This included 10 major releases consisting of other requested features to further streamline the service and tailor it to the client’s specific business needs. These updates enabled the client to drive more revenue since the fully automated sales support features were far more efficient than the client’s old, error-prone system.

The client went from having two broken systems to having one elegant Salesforce solution customized to the client’s specifications. Where previously the client’s teams could not work efficiently, slowing business development, the client was able to move forward and realize its potential thanks to INSPYR Solutions.

After the success of the initial project, the client engaged INSPYR Solutions on an ongoing basis and we continue to serve them. This includes fully supporting their environment and handling any outages, issues, and development projects the client requires on a managed service basis.

Client Profile

The client is a premier business in the travel sector that has been serving travelers for nearly 40 years. Focused on making active travel accessible to a wide range of abilities and interests to get people into the great outdoors, the client is an expert in creating and facilitating the ultimate adventure trips for its guests.

Technologies Supported

Salesforce, Lightning, .NET, and Informatica Cloud.

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