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Case Study: Self-Driving Car Project


The client had been working on a proprietary self-driving car project for several years, leading to the utilization of the highest levels of machine learning to create a sophisticated vehicle able to process data from the world around it and make intelligent decisions based on that data. This particular client was one of a number of competitors in the race to produce a truly self-driving car, so time, discretion, and the ability to deliver talent who also understood these factors were of the utmost importance.

Unfortunately, the client had been having great difficulty finding the right technology talent for a number of crucial positions and their staffing partner at the time had not been able to meet these needs, holding up the project while the search continued. One particularly important role in the program had been open for over 6 months at the time that INSPYR Solutions was brought into the picture, leaving the client unable to complete certain aspects of the project.


Thanks to a connection with one of the client’s strategic staffing associates, an account manager on the INSPYR Solutions team learned about an opportunity to help the client with our specialized technology and talent solutions for an important role. This member of our team proceeded to secure a chance to show the client why we are known as a proven and trusted partner.

Our account manager promised to deliver the right person for the initial role in far less time than the other talent solutions partners had previously spent trying to do it. Since the client had been waiting 6 months for these other suppliers to come through, INSPYR Solutions seized the opportunity to go above and beyond and build on the relationship with the client by providing premier service. Not only did our team deliver the ideal person for the technical role, but INSPYR Solutions was able to make an immediate impact with the client by filling the job with a highly qualified individual in just 1.5 months – less than 25% of the time the position had been open.

The INSPYR Solutions team further demonstrated our company’s dedication to serving our clients to the utmost by delving into additional talent solutions opportunities with the client – and continues to do so today. As the partnership blossomed, INSPYR Solutions opened an entirely new division dedicated to talent-specialized hardware positions for this client. Our team was able to build trust and deliver on our relationship by doing the utmost to understand the client’s needs and fulfill them quickly and efficiently. This included onsite visits to various locations to get an in-depth grasp of the client’s needs and establishing a deep relationship with the client’s internal teams through responsiveness and effective work.


After the initial team INSPYR Solutions worked with was so impressed with our service, they shared our information with other teams within the client company. These satisfied customers continued to spread the INSPYR Solutions reputation of being a trusted and efficient partner, allowing us to work with more and more of the client’s teams. Since then, INSPYR Solutions has provided technology talent for a large number of roles for this client company, including design engineers, release engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, quality engineers, BOM analysts, PLM analysts, PCB designers, hardware developers, reliability testers, MPI managers, CAD designers, and more to form a team of over 45 consultants that continues to grow.

Our success has been largely due to the great relationship our account managers have been able to build with the client’s various team leads over the course of several projects. Through deep-digging onsite visits, staying well-tuned to the client’s needs, and building trust by always delivering on our relationship, INSPYR Solutions has been able to prove our team’s worth many times over. Our delivery managers and account managers have demonstrated the ability to be the fastest to respond, the dedication and skill it takes to find targeted candidates, the ability to get great rates, and how we are able to save the client both time and money by making it easy to get the right people on the client’s teams in a timely manner.

Client Profile

The client has been developing selfdriving cars for several years with the aim of creating a solution to help people get where they need to go safely and securely. This emerging technology will make it easier for people to do everyday things without relying on a human driver, giving passengers increased safety and freedom. The client has made it a mission to improve transportation safety, make the world more accessible to people who cannot drive themselves, and give people the independence to go where they need to go without relying on others.

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