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Case Study: Enhancing Theme Park Guest Experience


The client sought to enhance the guest experience at a well-known theme park through an application and service platform using state of the art technology. The platform would provide theme park and resort guests with a personalized product allowing guests to make reservations, receive admission into parks, and make purchases.

In order to make this project a success, the client required a technology partner that could supply discreet, highly qualified talent to build a unique application while maintaining confidentiality throughout the project. Due to the projected value of the technology and the highly competitive market, discretion was of the utmost importance.


INSPYR Solutions was selected along with two other Top 5 business consulting firms to deliver the solution. We delivered over 50 consultants including architects, project managers, developers, solutions and business analysts, subject matter experts, and quality assurance testers. This comprehensive team enabled the client to complete the project within two years of the initial start date.

Our ability to deliver proven talent in the form of highly qualified project teams and dedicated management positioned INSPYR Solutions as more than just an IT staffing provider, but as a valued technology solutions partner for the client. Eight years later, INSPYR Solutions continues to deliver solutions that are helping to grow and develop this client’s brand.


With INSPYR Solutions placing top talent to create, integrate, and manage the application and guest experience platform, the client was able to achieve its goal of streamlining the guest experience. This resulted in increased guest revenue and customer satisfaction, an enhanced guest experience, and improved theme park attendance.

The initial estimated budget for the project was $4.5 million per year. With the delivery of the product to over 10 million guests in 2015 alone, the client successfully recuperated its investment and continues to surpass revenue forecasts. Other results included positive press and enthusiastic responses from millions of satisfied guests at the theme park. The client was able to deliver a uniquely catered experience to each guest and the solution continues to contribute to enhancing consumer relations.

Client Profile

The client is a multinational media, entertainment, theme park and resort conglomerate. As one of the world’s leading producers and providers of entertainment, the client takes pride in providing customers and guests with unforgettable experiences. This client is an industry leader with millions of annual theme park visitors per year and thus places a high value on using the latest technology advancements to continually enhance the guest experience.

Technologies Supported

Technologies included Wi-Fi and a newly engineered application and systems platform allowing for simple, customizable management of the guest experience. This included the creation of a backend database with a dashboard allowing the consolidation of data with an easy-to-use, aesthetically pleasing visual display.

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