How to Choose Between Two Top Candidates

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Have you ever found yourself torn between two exceptional candidates for the same job? With the tech talent shortage causing major staffing issues for many employers, this can certainly be an excellent problem to have! Depending on your organization’s specific needs and goals, there are some ways to narrow down your choice in your quest to make the best hire.

If you’re stuck deciding between two highly qualified candidates, here are three steps you can take:

Evaluate candidate fit.

When choosing between candidates, it’s important to go beyond the job description and focus on evaluating which candidate’s personality, characteristics and work ethic truly aligns most with your organization. A successful hire not only has the hard skills to fulfill the role, but displays the soft skills required to work with others on your team and excel in the position for the long-term. “Candidate fit” is also related to career goals and interests, making it essential to assess which candidate has the strongest interest in professionally advancing at your company.

Compare specific skillsets.

While you’ve likely identified that both candidates are qualified for the position on the surface, it’s critical to delve into each candidate’s specific skillsets and compare them to those required for the job. For instance, one of your candidates may have acquired certain skills through formalized education and training, while the other may have years of applying these skills in real-life work settings. As you consider your “ideal candidate,” it will become easier to decide which candidate’s skill level, experience and background in the IT field is best suited for the job.

Assess compensation requirements.

With regard to compensation requests, no two candidates are usually ever the same. When considering what candidate is best, it’s important to consider what each candidate will expect in terms of compensation. You’ll want to keep in mind that generally, candidates with a greater degree of experience and employment history will demand higher pay. By getting a sense of what a candidate is looking for in terms of salary and benefits, you’ll be able to better determine which candidate can best fulfill your company’s demands.

Though there’s no perfect way of choosing between two favorable candidates, taking the steps above will help you get clearer on what type of employee will be the best fit for your IT department and your company.

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