Contract VS Full-Time IT Workers: Which Should You Hire?

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If your organization wants to hire top tech talent to assist with the delivery of your most strategic initiatives, you may be wondering: contract or full-time IT? Luckily, there’s a multitude of hiring options available based on your organization’s specific IT needs. From contract work to direct placement positions, there are many means through which IT professionals from coast to coast can take your next tech projects to new heights. But which hiring method should you use for your next IT initiative?

Contract Work

If your organization requires the expertise of an IT professional but only for a limited period of time, hiring tech talent through contract work may be the right option for you. If you’re looking for an IT professional with vast knowledge on a particular subject, or even if you just need additional support during organizational changes, while completing a special project, or busier seasons, IT contract workers have the skills to get the job done. Many IT contract workers take on consecutive contract opportunities, enabling them to become experts in their fields through gaining unique and in-depth experience. Oftentimes, IT contract workers will be highly skilled in certain areas of tech, providing you with world-class knowledge to ensure that your specific project needs are met and exceeded.

Generally, you won’t be required to offer benefits for IT contract workers, such as health insurance or a 401(k) plan, but you should offer them a competitive salary for the limited time during which they will be employed by your organization. This enables you to attract top tech talent to see your IT projects through to fruition and allows your hiring team to avoid the hassle of hiring a full-time employee. This ultimately saves your organization time and money, all while giving IT professionals the opportunity to shine in their areas of expertise.

Direct Placement

If you’re looking to enlist the assistance of top tech talent in executing more permanent IT operations at your organization, hiring through direct placement positions might be your best option. Direct placement hiring can be considered the norm when it comes to not only tech staffing, but also employment models across other industries. Luckily, IT staffing firms have a wide network of qualified tech talent that they can connect you with depending on your specific IT needs. From project management to infrastructure solutions, tech staffing agencies can find your organization the right IT experts who are ready and willing to take on a full-time, long-term opportunity.

A direct placement hire will be onboarded as a member of your full-time staff and treated like any other employee at your organization. They will be offered your organization’s full benefits suite, including but not limited to health insurance, a 401(k) retirement plan, paid time off, and more. If a direct placement hire is unable to meet or exceed your organization’s IT goals or execute your tech strategy in a satisfactory way, your human resources team will be tasked with letting them go through the same process that they would with any other full-time employee.

Right to Hire

If you’re looking for a hiring option that falls between contract work and direct placement, right to hire work might just be the perfect IT staffing solution for your organization. Also known as contract to hire work or temporary to permanent work, right to hire work is when an employer would like to hire a full-time employee but isn’t prepared to commit to a permanent offer without a trial run. Right to hire work gives tech employers the opportunity to enlist the services of IT professionals for a limited period of time under the assumption that they will eventually be hired on as full-time staff. This allows your organization to secure the support of top tech talent on a long-term basis while still reserving the right to limit their employment to a short-term basis depending on their performance during the trial period.

Oftentimes, IT professionals who are providing services for your organization on a right to hire basis will be employed by a trusted IT staffing firm during their initial trial period, and that tech staffing agency will be responsible for paying them, offering them benefits, and more depending on their own policies when it comes to right to hire work. However, after an IT professional has reached a pre-determined amount of time providing services for your organization on a right to hire basis, you’ll reserve the right to hire the IT worker on a permanent, full-time basis. It’s a win-win for your organization, the IT staffing firm, and promising tech talent everywhere!

Are You Ready to Hire Top Tech Talent?

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