3 Tips to Improve Your IT Management Style

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IT Management Style

No manager is perfect. Even if you consistently meet deadlines, exceed all your production quotas, supervise a team that respects you, and serve as the architect of innovation, there is room for improvement. With that fact in mind, we have put together this list of three tips to help you upgrade your IT management style and get even better results.

Reject the Idea that There is Not Enough Time

Lack of time is probably the most common explanation for why more is not getting done. IT managers spend so much time responding to crises and handling immediate issues that they can’t focus on big picture concerns and team improvement strategies. But, ultimately, this is not an explanation, it’s an excuse. And your mindset may be the only thing holding you back. Remember that every great tech leader in history faced the same circumstances you do, and only had 24 hours in their day. Convince yourself that more can be done and you might be surprised how right you are.

Make the Effort to Appreciate Your Team

You are only as good as the team that you supervise and lead. Ultimately, their success is your success, and your failure is their failure. Take the time to let each member of your team know that you appreciate their efforts and recognize their contribution. You don’t have to start handing out bonuses or giving out extra vacation days. Simply thanking your team, on both an individual and group basis, can have a powerful effect. Do this when the circumstances merit it – after a major accomplishment – and also when it’s unexpected.

Invest More in the Onboarding Process

Effective onboarding is central to your mission. The better prepared your new hires are to make a contribution and succeed over the long term, the more of an asset they will prove to be. Plus, this strategy helps you strengthen team camaraderie, improve your office culture, minimize rates of turnover, and eliminate common causes of setbacks and failure. The more time and effort you put in at the beginning the greater the dividends it will pay down the road.

As a final tip, consider rethinking your recruiting strategy. If you are spending too much time and effort looking for candidates, you are wasting resources that could be better spent elsewhere. With a staffing partner in your corner, you could outsource much of the search and vetting process. When it comes time to make a hire, you simply pick the best of the best and get down to work. To learn more about all that a specialized recruiter has to offer, contact INSPYR Solutions today.

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