How to Create a Workforce Planning Strategy

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There is a lot that goes into effective workforce planning, especially in organizations with multiple internal teams and hundreds of employees. For the successful functioning of all your departments, investing in a recruiting partnership is critical for ensuring organizational goals are met. As you plan for your future staffing needs, here are some tips for working with a specialized IT recruiter on your workforce development strategy:

Set goals and objectives.

It’s not enough to work with a recruiter and hope all your workforce needs will miraculously be met. As you begin working with a staffing partner, set specific goals and objectives for your workforce plan. For example, do you hope to grow your team by 100 employees within the next year? Or, is it a priority to reduce your workforce by 50 percent to save on labor costs? Establish workforce goals with your recruiter that align with your business goals and make sure you’re both on the same page.

Identify staffing needs.

Depending on the transitions or changes occurring within your organization, your recruiter will help you fill positions when turnover occurs or as your labor needs increase due to various circumstances, such as company expansions or new product launches. As your hiring needs evolve, you can work in tandem with your recruiter to implement the best hiring solutions and recruit temporary and temp-to-direct workers.

Make workforce planning an ongoing activity.

Effective workforce planning is not the result of a short-term strategy, but rather an ongoing effort to recruit top candidates and find talent that is aligned with your organization’s specific hiring needs. A recruiter can work closely with your human resources team in adapting to both internal or external changes in the workforce landscape that could affect your hiring outcomes. Therefore, having an ongoing relationship with your recruiter will give your organization the manpower, expertise and support it needs to handle challenges that may arise from time to time.

What are you waiting for? By working with a trusted staffing partner on your workforce planning, you’ll get your organization on track for success in many ways – culturally, operationally and financially.

Ready to create your workforce planning strategy?

Learn how the INSPYR Solutions team can help you with all your workforce development needs!

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