Cybersecurity is Changing: Is Your Company Prepared?

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While the IT industry is always evolving, it can be argued that the cybersecurity arena continues to undergo the most change. Employers that take action to prevent cybersecurity attacks and invest in their employees are more likely to thrive even in the midst of change. As the cybersecurity world remains unpredictable, here is how your company can prepare:

Shift to a security-focused workplace culture.

Shifting your company’s workplace to one that’s more security-focused can have a positive impact on how your employees view cybersecurity. When your leadership team regularly communicates the importance of identifying and preventing cybersecurity attacks, employees will be more vigilant, and your company will be better protected on every level. Creating a culture that integrates security protocols within other organizational practices will prove to be a major line of defense against cybersecurity threats.

Provide training and development programming.

Without training and development, it will be difficult for your staff to stay updated on all the latest cybersecurity measures and best practices. Implementing cybersecurity training (either onsite or virtually) will ensure your employees have the knowledge and tools to handle all types of cybersecurity issues or concerns with confidence. By providing comprehensive training that covers everything from basic security practices to detecting phishing attacks, your IT team will be able to perform at an optimal level no matter what challenges may arise.

Work with an IT staffing partner.

To maintain a highly competent workforce, there’s a great value in working with a trusted IT staffing partner that can source top IT talent on the market. A specialized tech staffing firm like INSPYR Solutions (formerly TekPartners) can be instrumental in finding the employees that meet your workplace demands, either in a permanent or temporary capacity. Furthermore, you’ll bring on board talent with the qualifications to keep up with the latest cybersecurity trends and developments to protect your organization. The quality of your hires will ultimately impact the trajectory of your company, which is why a staffing partnership can be so important for long-term success.

From improved workforce development to staffing partnerships, there are many ways in which companies can navigate the ever-changing cybersecurity landscape.

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