Steps to Eliminate Hiring Bias at Your IT Company

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Does it seem as though hiring efforts at your IT company have been stunted lately? If so, it’s important to recognize how hiring bias may be negatively affecting your organization on many levels. Hiring bias is very common and can happen intentionally or unintentionally, often resulting in less organizational diversity, negative recruitment outcomes or poor retention rates. Here are three steps you can take to eliminate hiring bias:

Educate your hiring team. It may sound obvious, but the first step to eliminating hiring bias is to educate your staff about it. Providing comprehensive training to your HR team about the importance of identifying and avoiding bias during every stage of the hiring process will help them recognize their own biases. There are many types of biases to cover, including stereotyping bias, generalization bias, and gender and racial bias, just to name a few. Building awareness around the detrimental effects of hiring bias will ensure your staff understands their roles in reducing their own biases as they recruit and select applicants for your company.

Establish new hiring initiatives. Fortunately, there are many initiatives that can be implemented to combat hiring biases and create a fairer hiring process for all. Some of these initiatives may include revamping job descriptions to have more inclusive language, using a blind resume review process, requiring skills tests, and standardizing the interview process. These initiatives can ultimately create a more collaborative hiring process in which every candidate is judged based on his or her merits, rather than on factors out of their control.

Partner with a trusted recruiting company. By utilizing the services of a third-party recruiting partner, you’ll automatically eliminate a large degree of bias because hiring procedures will be outsourced and handled externally. The recruiters who work with your company will have their own process for finding the best candidates for your company’s workforce needs, filtering through talent based on a specific set of pre-established criteria. Not only can this help your company eliminate hiring bias, but it alleviates your internal team of having to conduct many of the tedious tasks involved with hiring – such as pre-screening, background checks and onboarding.

By taking proactive measures, hiring bias doesn’t have to derail your company’s IT talent development efforts. Get in touch with INSPYR Solutions and learn how partnering with our team can help you reach your hiring goals.

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