Why Can’t I Find the Right IT Candidates?

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Does recruiting IT candidates sometimes feel like throwing spaghetti on the wall, hoping something sticks? With the challenges of finding top-notch IT talent to join your workforce, it’s increasingly important to be strategic and mindful of your recruiting approach.

Create a strategic recruitment plan.

One of the biggest mistakes that companies make is implementing recruiting practices without establishing a sound strategy. Without a strategic plan, you’ll fail to target the right types of candidates in the most effective and efficient ways. This involves identifying the channels in which you often find the best candidates; enforcing tactics that engage these candidates; and tracking candidate placement outcomes. Ensuring your entire team knows how to execute the plan will ensure consistency in your IT recruitment procedures and a more streamlined process overall.

Invest in social recruiting.

With many IT candidates in today’s market searching for jobs through digital channels, it’s imperative to make social media an integral part of your recruitment strategy. Promoting jobs through sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can help significantly in reaching a broader pool of IT candidates. What’s most compelling about social recruiting is the ability to advertise to passive candidates who may not be actively seeking new work but interested in advancing themselves and exploring new opportunities. Through various social media sites (such as LinkedIn or Facebook), you can specifically engage with candidates with IT backgrounds and draw them to your website postings.

Improve the candidate experience.

Even if you’re finding the right IT candidates, there’s a chance you may be losing them due to bumps in your recruitment process. Evaluating the quality of your candidate experience can help you discover areas in which you may be turning off talent. For instance, do you fail to provide candidates with updates promptly after phone interviews? Is your application process user-friendly? Are you quick to address candidates’ questions or concerns? Improving these facets of your recruitment process can do wonders to keep your best candidates fully engaged in your employment opportunities.

Engage a trusted IT staffing partner.

One of the easiest changes to make that can give you fast results is partnering with an expert. Save yourself both time and money by letting a firm with years of experience in the IT recruiting industry help you find the people you need. Using a trusted staffing partner like INSPYR Solutions can play a major role in the recruitment process, helping you consistently find the most knowledgeable and experienced IT candidates on the market. Through structured staffing services, your IT department will be well-equipped to continually function at its optimal level – even as staffing levels rise and fall throughout the year. Streamlining recruiting by working with a reputable IT staffing company will allow your entire organization to perform at its best no matter what unexpected vacancies may occur by tapping into our ready-made pipeline of vetted IT candidates.

As the IT landscape continues to evolve and our economy eventually recovers from the coronavirus shutdown, making a commitment to revamping your recruiting practices can be instrumental in improving hiring outcomes and growing your tech talent. Taking the steps above can play a major role in this process, helping your team become more laser-focused on achieving key recruitment goals and objectives.

Ready to work with a trusted IT staffing partner?

Learn how a strategic staffing partnership with INSPYR Solutions can help you find the highest quality IT talent on the market!

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