How Are Generation Z Workers Different?

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Gen Z Workers

Have you been so focused on millennials that you’ve forgotten about Generation Z? Believe it or not, Gen Z brings an entirely new perspective, work ethic and mindset to the workforce. As an employer, it’s your job to understand how this generation operates and adjust your practices to engage and retain this new wave of workers. As you undergo this process, here’s what you can expect from Generation Z workers:

Greater interest in job security.

Because Generation Z has witnessed millennials take financial hits from a poor economy in past years – as well as experience crushing amounts of student debt – they are especially motivated by financial security and are generally more mindful about what types of jobs they pursue because of it. While they are still driven by purpose, their longing for a steady paycheck and a secure life outside of work is perhaps what separates them most from the free-wheeling millennial generation.

Competitive drive.

Unlike their millennial counterparts who tend to be more collaborative, Generation Zers are more competitive in their approach to work and prefer to be judged on their own merits, rather than those of their team. This generation understands the importance of working hard and expects to be personally rewarded for their performance on the job. Employers can tap into this competitive spirit by recognizing Gen Z employees for their accomplishments while giving them the skills they need to excel.

Strong desire for independence.

Perhaps the trait that may surprise you most about this generation is their desire for independence in the workplace. Generation Zers do not like relying on others to get things done and prefer to work independently on projects. This preference can be linked to the fact that many Gen Zers have bypassed higher education in exchange for a job right out of school, in fear of acquiring student loan debt. Rather than getting saddled down by financial burdens, this generation is opting to take their future into their own hands and make their way on their terms.

Like it or not, Generation Z has entered the workforce and is here to stay! Adapting to the needs and desires of this unique generation will be instrumental as you continue refining your company’s culture and attracting the brightest talent.

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