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When vacancies arise unexpectedly and need to be filled quickly, it’s natural to want to hire candidates as quickly as possible. However, hastily employing candidates without proper vetting can have negative and potentially disastrous effects on your organization’s operations and bottom line. Fortunately, there are ways to conduct an efficient hiring process while still implementing the most comprehensive vetting of candidates. Here are some key tips for balancing proper candidate vetting while hiring in a timely manner:

Utilize employee referrals.

Often companies forget to “look in their own backyards” when seeking qualified candidates. Rather than make job openings public immediately, consider posting positions internally to your team first. According to a recent Global Recruiting Trends Report, employees are the number one channel for quality hires. By making employee referrals part of your core recruiting strategy, you can drive a fluid pipeline of qualified candidates to your positions – ultimately resulting in more timely hiring outcomes.

Implement on-the-job interviews.

While traditional, conversational interviews can certainly be helpful in vetting candidates, there are other factors that play a role in effective interviewing. One thing to consider are on-the-job interviews, in which candidates are tested for their technical skills and abilities to perform workplace responsibilities on the spot. These types of interviews allow your managers to see how a candidate works under pressure, as well as determine if they are a strong cultural fit for your organization.

Evaluate growth potential.

It’s important to screen candidates for their skills, experience and qualifications; however, it’s equally critical to assess their growth potential as it relates to the positions at hand. You can evaluate growth potential by asking candidates about their career goals and how they envision themselves advancing in the job. Rather than focus solely on candidates’ qualifications on paper, understanding their commitment to self-improvement will help ensure better quality hires, thus resulting in more positive retention outcomes.

Work with a trusted staffing partner.

The best solution for many businesses is to skip the hassle and work with a staffing partner like INSPYR Solutions. With our talent acquisition process, we match proven technology professionals with world class organizations. Save time, energy, and money by implementing an efficient professional staffing solution.

At the end of the day, the last thing you want to do is hire candidates who become “one hit wonders.” Implementing the vetting practices above in your recruitment efforts will allow you to facilitate a faster hiring process while producing the most optimal outcomes.

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