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The skills gap is the fundamental difficulty plaguing the IT industry, but what is it? And how do you hire to fill the skills gap?

Simply put, the skills gap refers to the disconnect that happens between companies who don’t have access to the IT talent they need, and IT job seekers who can’t seem to find the jobs.

You’re probably wondering, “How is it possible?”

What’s the Problem?

The problem arises from two key areas:

  • Candidates have the skills employers are looking for, but they aren’t adequately identifying or representing them to prospective employers.
  • Candidates don’t have the skill sets required but aren’t aware of the real in-demand skills that employers are looking for in new employees.

The Solution?

In its purest form, the solution is communication.

  • Companies need to be able to identify key areas that require development.
  • Candidates need to build their skill sets in such as way as to fill the company’s need.

How to Hire to Fill The Skills Gap

The first step is identifying your real needs. That begins with an in-house assessment. Once you have a clear understanding of what your company needs today, and what you will need in the future to sustain growth, you can begin to look for candidates.

Where Are the Candidates

The idea of hiring to fill the skills gap may seem daunting at first, but your next top performer could already be in your employ.

  • One of the best ways to fill the skill gaps is to develop employees who already work with you. Current employees have the added benefit of understanding how your company works and how they are best able to contribute. By looking inward, you can find talent ready and willing to develop skills that will meet your company needs.
  • Another great resource for finding candidates is by looking at colleges and universities. Let students in on what you’ll need in the near future, and they’ll be able to build their experience and skills to work for you upon completion of their education.

How TekPartners Can Help You

Perhaps the best way to hire to fill the IT skills gap is by partnering with a specialized human capital solutions provider. Because your hiring partner works exclusively in the IT industry all day, every day, they:

  • Have access to workers with the exact skills you are looking for
  • Can help you find qualified workers quicker than if you had to sort through a pile of resumes on your own; and
  • Can bring you candidates from the hidden job market; people who would never apply to an online job posting or advertisement.

If you’re having trouble finding employees with the skills you need, speak to the specialized human capital solutions experts at TekPartners today. TekPartners understands the skills gap and how to hire for the skills you need today and in the future.

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