4 Tips for Hiring Millennials in the IT Industry

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Hiring Millennials in Tech

Hiring millennials is different than hiring other generations of IT employees. Given the pace of change in IT, young millennials are uniquely well versed in the cutting-edge technologies companies are eager to implement. As a result, competition for millennial IT professionals is intense, and retention is a major concern. We have outlined a few strategies below to help you recruit and retain this necessary talent.

1. Make the Work Engaging

A study conducted by the BLS revealed that millennials only tend to stay in a position for 3.2 years. This reveals two things. First, this is a restless generation looking for a variety of experiences. Second, most haven’t enjoyed the security of long-term employment. That means if you make the work interesting and varied you are likely to attract and retain more members of this talent pool.

2. Focus on Salary and Benefits

Millennials, like any other generation of professionals, are motivated to go to work in order to earn money. Cash, as ever, is king. But many in this generation will forgo a top salary in exchange for interesting benefits like flexible scheduling, professional development compensation, or advancement opportunities. Keep this in mind as you work out compensation offers, and be sure to describe unique benefits in your job descriptions.

3. Validate Good Work

The millennial generation is often criticized for being coddled as children – everyone gets a trophy, etc. Rather than see this as a weakness, we should see it as a sign that this generation craves feedback and responds to praise. If you’re known as an employer that recognizes good work and rewards it with bonuses and promotions, talent will take notice. And if you carry through on that promise that talent will commit to your company for a lot longer.

4. Talk to Job Seekers Differently

Why use the recruiting strategies of the previous generation to appeal to the present one? The simple fact is that millennials don’t look for jobs in the same way. Rather than rely only on job boards, make sure your vacancies are highlighted on your social media profiles, especially on LinkedIn. Fill your job descriptions with keywords to make them more searchable, and make sure they are accessible on mobile devices. Finally, punch up the language you use and incorporate multimedia to make your employment opportunities as exciting as they are informative.

Need Help Finding IT Talent?

If you’re actively trying to recruit millennials, it means you’re approaching staffing in a strategic way. Great idea! Discover lots of other smart workforce solutions by working with INSPYR Solutions.

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