Is Your Hiring Strategy Costing You Talent?

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Recruitment has always been a one-sided process. Conventional wisdom suggests that companies willing to offer someone a job, benefits, office, and other perks could carry out recruitment in any manor they pleased, even if it did a huge disservice to candidates. In recent years, however, new thinking has emerged that suggests the hostility of the traditional recruitment process actually deflects qualified talent and works against the company’s interests. Find out why, and decide for yourself if it’s time to rethink the way you connect with new employees.

Recruitment Reflects Culture

Let’s establish from the beginning that the best and brightest IT professionals essentially have their pick of jobs. And often they are looking for more than just the biggest paycheck. They want to work for innovative, exciting companies that share their goals and values, which is why company culture has become such a major consideration for job seekers. If your recruitment process is disrespectful and disorganized, it reflects on the company as a whole. At exactly the time you needed to make a great impression you did the opposite. And the candidate looked elsewhere as a result.

Speed is a Major Consideration

You might be fine carrying out a long, leisurely recruitment process, but the talent you are trying to attract is not. When someone is actively looking for a job, they don’t have weeks or months to wait for you to make contact and get the evaluation process started. This locks them into a position of uncertainty and ultimately disrespects their time and abilities. If you want to find the right candidate, get busy pouring through resumes, schedule interviews immediately, and make your decision as soon as possible. And don’t forget to send friendly rejection notices to everyone else.

Traditional Recruitment is Not Enough

Some of the most successful of today’s companies have solved their IT recruitment problems by turning to contract and temporary workers. The size and quality of this talent pool have grown significantly, and an increasing number of talented IT professionals have begun actively pursuing contract positions. If your recruitment process is focused exclusively on attracting full-time employees, you may be ignoring exactly the talent you need. Opening up the process to new possibilities can only help you meet your goals.

One final thing to consider is outsourcing a part of your recruiting process. Working with a specialized staffing firm can take much of the recruitment burden off your shoulders and deliver the right candidates to you faster. That way you can improve the way you recruit without having to implement a major internal initiative. Find out more about this and other recruitment options by working with the team at INSPYR Solutions.

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