How Artificial Intelligence is Changing DevOps

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Artificial Intelligence is Changing DevOps

Is your company seeking ways to improve its DevOps department? As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more prevalent in the IT industry and beyond, there are many ways it is transforming how DevOps professionals perform their jobs. From increased efficiencies to an improved bottom line, companies that embrace AI in their DevOps operations can look toward a successful and more efficient future in many areas. Here are some of the ways AI is currently changing DevOps on a global scale: 

Enhancing DevOps functions

Artificial intelligence plays a critical role in the optimization of DevOps functions across the board, including predictive analysis, IT operations, and operations analytics. The combination of AI with DevOps functions can help DevOps teams do a better job at identifying patterns, discovering new concepts or ideas, and improving processes. AI can also assist in more effective code management, as well as in the management of large data volumes.

Improving security

Artificial intelligence is increasingly helping DevOps teams optimize performance through improved analysis of large volumes of data as well as reviewing security threats. As it becomes paramount for companies to constantly monitor and manage potential security issues and breaches, there are many AI tools that can help detect abnormalities and differentiate between normal and abnormal conditions. With increased AI integration and data access, companies can become more effective in preventing major breaches and combatting them before any damage is done. This has become increasingly important as cybercriminals continue to invent new and sophisticated approaches to targeting organizations through phishing, malware, and ransomware attacks.

Accelerating automation

Advanced artificial intelligence resources can greatly increase the automation of processes, allowing employees more time to spend on the management of other important tasks and projects. With AI integration, DevOps professionals can discover a broader spectrum of innovative solutions, having a powerful impact on their organization. Because AI tools operate by themselves or with very minimal human intervention, the benefits of automation can often be achieved with little to no effect on a company’s bottom line.

These are just a few of the ways in which artificial intelligence is changing the DevOps world. Equipping your DevOps team with the necessary tools, information and resources to adapt to a changing world through AI will set your company up for optimal success.

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