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As more candidates enter the IT workforce, employers are increasingly struggling to find workers with the foundational skill sets and drive to grow on the job. In general, employers seeking tech professionals can improve their hiring outcomes by seeking candidates with the potential for greatness. This means finding candidates who can work productively while being reliable and dedicated to their jobs. This is certainly easier said than done, as identifying these candidates can prove to be difficult at times.

As you grow your workforce, here are factors to keep in mind when identifying outstanding talent with the potential for greatness:

Upward performance. Though “job hopping” is common in the IT field, and really any industry, it’s helpful to look for upward performance when reviewing candidates’ resumes. This involves reviewing candidates’ employment history in terms of job growth and increasing responsibility. If a candidate has remained stagnant, or worse, taken a downward spiral in terms of their career path, it’s safe to say they will lack the potential to excel at your organization.

Drive and initiative. When interviewing candidates, consider asking them for examples of times they took initiative to take on projects beyond their job description. For example, did they create or implement a new process? Did they exceed expectations in any way? It’s safe to say candidates who exemplify a willingness to go outside their comfort zones will have the foundational skills and motivation to succeed in any new role.

Innovative and forward-thinking. Candidates who are truly poised for greatness will possess a forward-thinking attitude in their approach to work. As you speak with candidates, aim to get a sense of their goals and enthusiasm for the tech industry. Candidates who communicate ambitious career goals and convey a high level of excitement will likely be a positive asset to your organization.

There you have it – the recipe for greatness! While no candidate is perfect, considering the factors above during your interviewing process will result in better qualified hires, and ultimately, a more productive workforce.

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