How to Improve Diversity in Your Tech Workforce

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Is your company struggling to build a diverse tech workforce? Achieving diversity continues to be an ongoing challenge in the tech industry, leaving many companies re-evaluating their recruitment and hiring strategies. When filling IT and other tech-related openings, employers must proactively seek a diverse array of candidates to join their teams. Here are some hiring and recruiting practices that can improve the diversity of your organization’s tech team:

Re-evaluate recruiting strategies

To increase the diversity of your talent pool, it’s important to consider where you’re sourcing candidates from the start. If your HR team recruits talent only in a few places (such as promoting jobs on just one or two job boards), they’re likely limiting their reach and failing to connect with a large pool of potential candidates. Re-evaluating current recruiting strategies and shifting gears to increase awareness among more diverse populations can be accomplished in many ways, such as involvement in targeted networking groups, sponsoring industry events, and social media marketing.

Establish a training program

Establishing an onsite training program can be instrumental in attracting and retaining diverse talent. Program initiatives like internships, apprenticeships or mentoring can acclimate individuals to your organization who may not be qualified for hire right away. By providing the proper support, you can proactively develop a pipeline of diverse candidates who will benefit from paid on-the-job training and development. This will incentivize individuals to apply to your company, as they’ll be able to acquire the technical skills needed to excel.

Showcase a diverse workplace culture

To a large extent, diversity is generated by the culture you foster within your workplace daily. Communicating a commitment to all ethnicities, backgrounds, and identities is key to attracting a more diverse talent pool. You can showcase diversity in your culture through a variety of marketing strategies, such as employee spotlight videos, social media campaigns, and traditional advertising. Making a point to strategically highlight diversity within your work environment will draw more interest from potential candidates who will be able to envision themselves as members of your team.

By taking the steps above, you can gradually improve diversity within your workplace while elevating morale among your team members. Most importantly, you’ll design an organization with a powerful culture that embraces all types of leadership styles, perspectives, and ideas.

Is your company seeking to increase diversity?

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