How to Write a Compelling IT Job Description

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Write an IT Job Description

If your organization is looking to grow its IT team, you may be wondering how to write a job description that will attract the top tech talent on the market. Putting forth a compelling IT job description will be vital to building a team of experienced professionals who embody your organization’s values. Here are some tips for crafting the perfect tech job description:

Be Clear

Have you ever come away from reading a job description having little to no idea what the role actually entails? More often than not, a vague or confusing IT job description will send top tech talent running for the hills. The ultimate goal of a job description is to do just that – describe the IT role that needs filling, as well as the ideal tech candidate to fill it. One way to ensure that your IT job description is as clear as possible will be to consult with current tech employees to determine what their day-to-day generally looks like. If this is a new tech position within your organization, be sure to get in touch with whoever will be supervising the new IT hire to gauge their wants, needs, and expectations.

Be Concise

Much like a long-winded blog post, a lengthy IT job description may leave potential tech candidates feeling compelled to close the tab rather than apply for the role. This is not to say that the job description should be cryptic, but rather it should include only the information necessary to accurately describe the role, draw IT candidates in, and leave them wanting more. Keeping your bullet points short and sweet will attract potential tech candidates who are confident in their IT knowledge and skills. Besides, don’t you want something fresh to talk about during the interview process?

Be Clever

Undergoing an IT job search can be draining, especially for candidates who have been applying to countless tech roles with no luck. After a while, they may feel as though they’ve read the same IT job description time and time again. In order to stand out amongst the many open IT opportunities within today’s booming tech industry, you’ll need to let your organization’s personality shine through its job descriptions. Enlisting the help of a trusted IT staffing firm is another clever way to enhance your organization’s hiring methods, from writing your most compelling job descriptions to connecting you with the best tech talent out there.

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