Hurricane Preparedness Checklist

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Hurricane Preparedness Checklist

The Atlantic hurricane season, which runs from June 1st through November 30th, has begun and predictions by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) have us expecting an active season. While there are no specific guarantees when it comes to weather, it is always important to have a safety plan in place and a checklist that helps you in the event of a storm or hurricane. The following simplified hurricane preparedness checklist can serve as a reminder to help you prepare for the storm. In the event that a hurricane or storm is projected to affect your area, it is very important that you ensure the safety and comfort of you and your loved ones.

Checklist for Business:

  • All computer equipment should be unplugged and moved to an interior office
  • Forward calls from your office phone to your cell phone
  • Clear your work area of all unsecured items (papers, pens, mugs, trinkets)
  • Disconnect all electrical and electronic equipment to prevent damage
  • Close all windows and doors to lessen possible damage
  • Enable “Out of Office” notifications (if applicable)

Checklists for Home:

Make sure you have the following supplies within your home:


o   Flashlights & candles

o   Battery-operated radio/lanterns

o   Batteries (different sizes)

o   Matches

o   First aid kit

o   Duct tape

o    Rain gear

o   Can Opener

o   Plastic garbage bags

o   Scissors

o   Clean clothes

o   Extra blankets

o    Heavy gloves

Food & Water:

Pack non-perishable food for each person for 3-7 days.

o   Bottled water (1 gallon/person/day)

o   Bottled juice

o   Coolers for drinks & for food

o   Canned foods

o   Manual can opener

o   Baby food (if applicable)

Medical Needs (if applicable):

o   Prescription medications

o   Up-to-date medic alert tags

o   Insect repellent sprays

o   Feminine hygiene items

o   Sunscreen

o   Soap

o   First aid kit

o   Over-the-counter medication

o   Children’s medicine (if applicable)

o   Bandages

o   Adhesive tape

o   Antiseptic solution

o   Thermometer

o   Tweezers

Pet Needs (if applicable):

o   Non-perishable food

o   Crate/carrier/tank

o   Leash, collar and/or harness

o   Toys

o   Medicines (if applicable)

o   Updated shots and medical records

o   Microchip with up-to-date contact info

o   Blanket or pillow

o   Clean litter box

o   Portable pet dishes


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