Ways to Improve Diversity in the Tech Workforce

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Is your company looking to expand its workforce this year? As improving diversity in the tech industry has become a hot topic across the U.S., employers must be proactive in implementing new practices and initiatives that foster diversity within the workplace. Here are some of the ways in which your leadership team can improve diversity:

Expand candidate outreach.

Creating more diversity in the workplace often starts with expanding your talent pool. This involves utilizing a wider array of recruitment methods – such as targeted social media campaigns or industry groups – to tap into a broader range of candidates. By taking advantage of new outlets to market your job openings, you’ll elevate awareness about your organization to a larger market of candidates, thus generating more diverse talent leads for your hiring pipeline.

Promote flexibility.

To attract a wider range of talent to your workforce, promoting flexibility can be a major game-changer. Workplace flexibility has the power to attract and retain a greater array of potential employees – all whom have varying personal needs and obligations. For example, a remote or hybrid work model may be appealing to young parents who need to work from home to some degree due to childcare demands. Or, a flexible workplace policy may attract candidates who are balancing secondary education with full-time employment. The bottom line? Embracing flexibility within your company will naturally result in a more diversified workforce that values the needs of its people.

Provide diversity training.

By incorporating diversity training within your onboarding and development programming, you’ll ensure your hiring and management teams are educated and knowledgeable about the importance of diversity in the workplace. From best practices to employee equality and inclusion, diversity training covers many topics – including stereotyping, cultural awareness, and anti-harassment, just to name a few. Investing in diversity training and offering it as an option to your team will ultimately improve hiring outcomes while creating a strong sense of morale throughout your organization.

By incorporating these practices within your company’s hiring and management protocols, you’ll be able to create a more inclusive and productive work environment on every level. Most importantly, your staff will be able to better balance their jobs with their personal lives, leading to greater fulfillment and job satisfaction.

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