Want to Make Your Hiring Process More Efficient? Ask These Three Questions

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Does it feel like your hiring process is stunting your company’s growth? In many ways, having an inefficient hiring process can be detrimental to talent development efforts, as top-of-the-line candidates may become frustrated or disengaged with your application and interview procedures. Making an effort to improve this process can do wonders to better engage candidates! As you reflect on how to make meaningful changes, ask these questions to improve your hiring process and ensure that it’s working for both your business and candidates:

Do you have a unique value proposition?

Too many companies are solely focused on filling positions that they lose sight of the importance of “selling” their mission and values to potential candidates. As an employer, effective hiring starts with your company’s ability to showcase to candidates why they would want to consider applying for a job with your organization. This requires the formulation of a value proposition that encompasses what you stand for – including what you offer your employees in terms of culture, benefits and professional advancement. Remember, the best candidates on the market have many employment options. The more your company demonstrates what it has to offer, the easier it will be to attract candidates that are most aligned with your mission.   

Is your application process user-friendly?

One of the biggest turnoffs for candidates is a complicated and difficult application process. Investing in an application platform that’s user-friendly – even if it is costly upfront – will ultimately result in a larger pool of qualified applicants. You can assess the usability of your platform by evaluating your system for its efficiency and ability to keep candidates engaged in completing applications from start to finish. If there’s a section of the platform that’s difficult to use, chances are you’ll lose candidates during the application process. 

Do you focus on quality over quantity?

While you may be tempted to interview a lot of different candidates, it’s a much better use of time and resources to focus on a few highly qualified individuals.  Refining your screening process will allow for better filtration of applicants, ultimately cutting down on interviewing the wrong talent. When you put quality over quantity at the forefront of the recruitment process, it becomes easier to obtain positive hiring outcomes.   

The bottom line? Taking steps to improve your hiring process can put your company on a better path for building a top-notch IT team and achieving stronger employee retention.  

Is your current hiring process failing to yield quality applicants?

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