Is Your Company Suffering From Attrition?

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If your company is suffering from attrition, we would like to offer a counterintuitive solution – recruit better. That’s right, the problem isn’t your office culture, or that you can’t offer biannual raises, it’s that you haven’t recruited with a focus on loyalty, consistency, and retention. If you want to build a stable, long-term workforce, rely on these proven hiring strategies.

Write Better Job Descriptions

One of the major causes of attrition is that the job people get hired to do feels nothing like the job they thought they were applying for. That is an avoidable source of dissatisfaction, and it signals that your job descriptions are inaccurate. Rewrite them so that they better reflect the primary responsibilities of the position you are filling, and the realities of the average workday in your office.

Compensate Fairly

You don’t need to offer exorbitant compensation packages to attract and retain talent, but you do need to align your salary offers with the prevailing wage for the position you are filling and for the part of the country where you are located. If you explain the logic of your compensation package during the recruitment process, it is less likely to become a point of contention later down the road.

Interview Carefully

If you interview carefully, you can get a fairly accurate sense of an applicant’s fit for your company culture, their long-term goals, and their general level of commitment. You might also connect with highly talented applicants that are at risk of quickly moving on, but not if you offer them the compensation, promotions, and recognition they are searching for. A good interview can help you chart your entire HR strategy moving forward, so give it the focus it deserves.

Rely on a Trial Period

Companies are increasingly hiring employees with the contingency that they must complete a trial period during which they finish a project or two and spend some significant time in your office. That helps you further evaluate their fit for the position before making a full offer, and gives the recruit time to decide if they really want the job.

Recruit Faster

Attrition will always be an issue to a certain degree, no matter how carefully you recruit. You can alleviate the consequences by expediting the recruitment process. Acting quickly and decisively helps you plug up holes in your workforce faster, just be aware that you may be drawing from a smaller candidate pool, and committing to candidates you haven’t vetted as carefully.


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