Are Your Job Descriptions Scaring Away Top IT Talent?

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Updating Your Job Descriptions

Has your internal hiring team been actively posting IT openings at your company, only to end up with very few qualified applicants? If this is the case repeatedly, your job descriptions may be to blame. Even some of the smallest additions or changes to your job posts can alter applicant outcomes and result in a more talented pool of tech candidates for you to choose from. Here are some tips for getting started:  

Use creative language.

If it’s been months or even years since you’ve updated your job descriptions, chances are they contain stale and overused verbiage. Rewriting your descriptions with a more creative flair can get potential candidates more intrigued about your opportunities. For instance, you may include information that better reflect aspects of your culture, such as “enjoy monthly team lunch-and-learns” or “experience working with a world-class team.” Remember, giving candidates insight into your company culture and a reason to be excited is key to getting them to apply!

Invest in your company’s online presence.

In the IT field especially, most accomplished candidates are seeking employers that have a strong digital presence. After being exposed to your job opportunities, your website and social media channels will often be the first platforms candidates turn to learn more about your company. Investing in your website and social media channels to showcase your culture will enhance your job applicant pipeline and provide more outlets for candidates to be exposed to your company’s mission and values. In many cases, this can make or break whether a candidate takes the next step to apply for a job.   

Highlight professional growth opportunities.

Many top candidates in the IT field won’t be interested solely in the jobs themselves, but opportunities to advance at your company as well. When crafting job descriptions, including information about the career path the position offers will showcase the type of professional growth that candidates can expect over time with good performance. This may involve including information about training programs and other professional development initiatives that can help IT professionals elevate their careers within your organization.

With online channels driving the bulk of your applicant pool, it’s more important than ever to refine your job descriptions to appeal to as many candidates as possible. By following the tips above, you can give your recruitment process a major boost!     

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